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Packaging Peanuts

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Easy to use peanuts fill in around your products for void fill and cushioning. Choose from the moisture proof polystyrene or the environmentally friendly starch based material that decomposes on contact with water and is naturally anti-static.

Item ID Description
POLY14 14 Cubic Feet of Polystyrene
POLYA14 14 Cubic Feet of Pink Anti-Static Polystyrene
STARCH12 12 Cubic Feet of Starch Based - Naturally Anti-Static
RECY12/15 12-15 Cubic Feet of Recycled (when available)
PDISP20 20 Cubic Foot Peanut Dispenser
PDISP40 40 Cubic Foot Peanut Dispenser
PDISP60 60 Cubic Foot Peanut Dispenser
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