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Subotnick is proud to be an authorized and factory-trained distributor of Eastey case sealing equipment. We offer Eastey’s complete line of uniform and random case sealers, automatic case erecting, and case & product handling equipment to match your operation’s requirements.

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Increase Your Efficiency

Case sealers help to improve productivity and efficiency levels. One operator using a semi-automatic case sealing machine can process in 5 minutes what someone hand taping would need 30 minutes to match. This increased taping and sealing speed decreases per pack times and keeps your packaging line running smoothly.

Key Benefits


Faster and more efficient case sealing to increase productivity. One person using a semiautomatic machine can process in 5-minutes what someone using a hand taper does in 30-minutes.


Manual case sealing can cause body strains for your workers caused to repetitive motion. By automating the case sealing process with equipment, you will minimize worker injury rates associated with manual case sealing.


Eliminate over taping and reduce your tape usage and cost. A single strip of uniformly applied tape will secure your cases to avoid potential damage from dirt, dust, or moisture while improving product appearance.


Simple and efficient design means less downtime for your case sealing operation. Ready for use, needs only turning on.

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