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Subotnick is proud to be an authorized and factory trained distributor of Wulftec equipment. We offer their complete line of semi-automatic, automatic, turntable, and rotary arm wrappers.

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Time is Money

Are you still manually wrapping loads because you think a stretch wrapping machine is too costly for your current needs? Purchasing equipment which more efficiently uses stretch wrap film by stretching the film two to four times its original length before applying it will significantly reduce film usage. Based on film costs alone, a machine can be justified within two years for a facility currently hand wrapping as few as 10 loads a day.

Key Benefits


With the combination of the right stretch wrap equipment and film, you will securely wrap your pallets and avoid potential damage from dirt, dust, or moisture.


Semi-Automatic and Automatic systems will stretch your film to its full potential. Stretch wrap is a petroleum-based product; Use less, spend less, and improve performance.


Improve worker safety by eliminating wear-and-tear injuries and fatigue caused by hand stretch wrapping. Equipment will minimize worker injury rates associated with hand wrapping.


By investing in a stretch wrapping system, you will save a lot of operator time and effort that you can then repurpose into other important needs.

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