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Subotnick is proud to be an authorized and factory-trained distributor of Signode strapping machines and tools. We offer Signodes’s complete line of carton closure and unitizing strapping machines along with combination and battery-operated tools to match your operation’s requirements.

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Make Strapping Easier

Are you still using manual hand tools to strap and unitize your orders? Strapping machines and power tools help to improve productivity and efficiency levels while keeping operators safe.

Key Benefits


Patented, jam-resistant technology for faster, more efficient strapping and increased productivity.


Strap multiple boxes together to ship as one unit for favorable freight rates. Less strapping material waste often caused by manual strapping lowering your costs.


Strapping equipment has adjustable tension levels, allowing workers to match the tension according to what is appropriate for each item.


Simple and efficient design means reduced downtime for your strapping operation. Ready for use, needs only turning on.

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