Your Universal Distributor

Subotnick is proud to be an authorized and factory-trained distributor of Universal labeling systems. We offer Universal’s complete line of semi-automatic, automatic, print apply, and applicators to match your operation’s requirements.

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Your Products Matter

You produced an exceptional product and invested in a standout label to tell your story, so now you need to apply that label uniformly to optimize presentation. Whether you want to automate your labeling process, reduce labeling costs or improve the consistency of your operations, let us help design the right label applicator for you.

Key Benefits


Fast, efficient and reliable product labeling with a 30-day performance guarantee.


In house design, fabrication, assembly, testing and parts facilities, you are buying from a complete manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling machinery.


Designed and built in USA by North America’s largest manufacturer of made-to-order labeling machinery.


From concept to completion, we focus on the solution. Then built and test your system in accordance with your products, labels, and requirements.

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