Best Value Boxes

Subotnick’s “Best Value” box line features our most popular corrugated box and sheet sizes offered at the most economical pricing.   Kraft “Best Value” boxes are manufactured locally to minimize transportation costs and impact to our environment.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB818242424RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB83525.751722RSC Kraft Box15135
SB85127238.5RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10130
SB855285.538FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box10120
SB85828149RSC Kraft Box25250
SB861282812RSC Kraft Box5135
SB868301515RSC Kraft Box10130
SB871301816RSC Kraft Box10130
SB874302412RSC Kraft Box10130
SB875303030RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB87832642FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB89235.755.545.25FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB897361210RSC Kraft Box15270
SB908362120RSC Kraft Box5135
SB912362424RSC Kraft Box5135
SB9794088RSC Kraft Box20360
SB983462012RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score10130
SB985548.528.5FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB699202015RSC Kraft Box15135
SB703202020RSC Kraft Box10130
SB705202020RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB737221212RSC Kraft Box25250
SB740221412RSC Kraft Box15270
SB742221816RSC Kraft Box10130
SB74522226RSC Kraft Box15270
SB751222218RSC Kraft Box10130
SB752222222RSC Kraft Box10140
SB754234.527.25FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15240
SB78224126RSC Kraft Box20240
SB786241212RSC Kraft Box20240
SB804241613RSC Kraft Box15135
SB80724186RSC Kraft Box20240
SB808241812RSC Kraft Box15270
SB809241818RSC Kraft Box15135
SB81324246RSC Kraft Box10130
SB814242412RSC Kraft Box10130
SB815242416RSC Kraft Box10130
SB817242424RSC Kraft Box10150
SB625181412RSC Kraft Box25250
SB63118186RSC Kraft Box25250
SB635181812RSC Kraft Box15270
SB638181816RSC Kraft Box20280
SB639181818RSC Kraft Box15135
SB641181818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
SB642181824RSC Kraft Box10280
SB64418.512.31253.5RSC Kraft Box25500
SB64618.512.31256.875RSC Kraft Box25500
SB6652088RSC Kraft Box25500
SB67520146RSC Kraft Box25500
SB677201410RSC Kraft Box25250
SB678201412RSC Kraft Box25250
SB680201414RSC Kraft Box25250
SB685201515RSC Kraft Box25250
SB687201612RSC Kraft Box25250
SB69120206RSC Kraft Box20240
SB695202010RSC Kraft Box15135
SB697202012RSC Kraft Box15135
SB5221686RSC Kraft Box25750
SB5241688RSC Kraft Box25750
SB52816126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB53016128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB531161210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB533161212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB54216164RSC Kraft Box25500
SB54416166RSC Kraft Box25500
SB54516168RSC Kraft Box25250
SB547161610RSC Kraft Box25250
SB549161612RSC Kraft Box25250
SB551161616RSC Kraft Box25250
SB60317.511.511.5RSC Kraft Box25500
SB6061866RSC Kraft Box25750
SB6081899RSC Kraft Box25600
SB61018126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB61118128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB612181210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB613181212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB623181410RSC Kraft Box25500
SB422131313RSC Kraft Box25500
SB4341464RSC Kraft Box25750
SB4381486RSC Kraft Box25750
SB44314106RSC Kraft Box25750
SB44514108RSC Kraft Box25750
SB447141010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB45114126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB455141212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB457141248RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15270
SB45814145RSC Kraft Box25500
SB46014148RSC Kraft Box25500
SB462141410RSC Kraft Box25500
SB464141412RSC Kraft Box25500
SB466141414RSC Kraft Box25500
SB467141414RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB49215124RSC Kraft Box25500
SB494151210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB49815155RSC Kraft Box25500
SB502151512RSC Kraft Box25250
SB511151515RSC Kraft Box25250
SB3421299RSC Kraft Box25750
SB35012104RSC Kraft Box25750
SB35212106RSC Kraft Box25750
SB35412108RSC Kraft Box25500
SB356121010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB35912122RSC Kraft Box25750
SB36112124RSC Kraft Box25750
SB36312126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB36512128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB36612129RSC Kraft Box25500
SB367121210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB368121211RSC Kraft Box25500
SB369121212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB370121212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB371121215RSC Kraft Box25500
SB372121215RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box10360
SB373121218RSC Kraft Box25500
SB376121224RSC Kraft Box25250
SB41813104RSC Kraft Box25750
SB420131310RSC Kraft Box25500
SB28010106RSC Kraft Box25750
SB28310108RSC Kraft Box25500
SB286101010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB287101010RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB288101012RSC Kraft Box25500
SB307111111RSC Kraft Box25500
SB30911.258.754RSC Kraft Box251000
SB31111.258.756RSC Kraft Box25750
SB31311.258.758RSC Kraft Box25750
SB31511.258.7510RSC Kraft Box25500
SB31711.258.7512RSC Kraft Box25500
SB3261264RSC Kraft Box251500
SB3281266RSC Kraft Box251500
SB3331286RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3351288RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3361293RSC Kraft Box251000
SB3391296RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3401297RSC Kraft Box25750
SB211885RSC Kraft Box251575
SB212886RSC Kraft Box251575
SB214888RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score251125
SB226944RSC Kraft Box253150
SB229954RSC Kraft Box252100
SB231963RSC Kraft Box252100
SB232964RSC Kraft Box252100
SB240994RSC Kraft Box251400
SB242996RSC Kraft Box251125
SB244999RSC Kraft Box251050
SB2479911RSC Kraft Box25750
SB2509936RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25250
SB2611066RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score251500
SB2641075RSC Kraft Box251125
SB2661082RSC Kraft Box25900
SB2671084RSC Kraft Box251000
SB2701086RSC Kraft Box251000
SB2731088RSC Kraft Box25750
SB27810104RSC Kraft Box25750
SB27910105RSC Kraft Box25750
SB1244448RSC Kraft Box251000
SB148555RSC Kraft Box252800
SB154644RSC Kraft Box253000
SB156654RSC Kraft Box253500
SB160662RSC Kraft Box253250
SB162663RSC Kraft Box253000
SB164664RSC Kraft Box252600
SB165665RSC Kraft Box252100
SB167666RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score252100
SB1696636RSC Kraft Box25650
SB1706640RSC Kraft Box25650
SB1716648RSC Kraft Box25500
SB1746.6256.62512RSC Kraft Box251000
SB187775RSC Kraft Box252100
SB191777RSC Kraft Box251575
SB1947724RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
SB198854RSC Kraft Box252100
SB202864RSC Kraft Box252100
SB204866RSC Kraft Box252100
SB208884RSC Kraft Box252100
SB110444RSC Kraft Box253000
SB1144418RSC Kraft Box251500
SB1164424RSC Kraft Box25900
SB1204436RSC Kraft Box25800
SB1224440RSC Kraft Box25800
SB526161010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB7702466RSC Kraft Box25500
SB291101042RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10240

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