Bin Boxes

Subotnick’s durable bin boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are designed for organizing small parts on shelves or countertops.    Bin boxes have tapered sides for easy access and identification of products, and the first dimension listed represents the length (back to front) of the bin as it sits on a shelf or counter.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallethf:att:pa_box-length-incheshf:att:pa_box-width-incheshf:att:pa_box-depth-inches
B71846Corrugated White Bin Box5010501846
B442486Corrugated White Bin Box507002486
B432466Corrugated White Bin Box507002466
B422446Corrugated White Bin Box5010502446
B361564.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001564-5
B351544.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001544-5
B33964.5Corrugated White Bin Box502100964-5
B31924.5Corrugated White Bin Box502800924-5
B27241812Corrugated White Bin Box10270241812
B2612108Corrugated White Bin Box5070012108
B142464.5Corrugated White Bin Box5010502464-5
B1118810Corrugated White Bin Box2570018810
B11286Corrugated White Bin Box5014001286
B81284.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001284-5
B61264.5Corrugated White Bin Box5021001264-5
B51246Corrugated White Bin Box5010501246
B45241212Corrugated White Bin Box10350241212
B41244.5Corrugated White Bin Box5021001244-5
B1012104.5Corrugated White Bin Box50140012104-5
B1212124.5Corrugated White Bin Box50140012124-5
B41181210Corrugated White Bin Box25350181210
B40181010Corrugated White Bin Box25350181010
B132444.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014002444-5
B3918610Corrugated White Bin Box2570018610
B371584.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001584-5
B3424126.5Corrugated White Bin Box2570024126-5
B32944.5Corrugated White Bin Box501400944-5
B2818124.5Corrugated White Bin Box5070018124-5
B2218104.5Corrugated White Bin Box5070018104-5
B201884.5Corrugated White Bin Box5010501884-5
B21224.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001224-5
B191824.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001824-5
B181864.5Corrugated White Bin Box5014001864-5
B161844.5Corrugated White Bin Box504001844-5
B152484.5Corrugated White Bin Box507002484-5

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