Boxes 2″-10″

With thousands of box options available from Subotnick, we hope you will explore this complete box list utilizing our search features to find the correct box for your particular application.   Please remember that the dimensions listed are the INSIDE, usable dimensions when the box is closed, with the first two dimensions listed (length x width) representing the opening of the box.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallethf:att:pa_box-length-incheshf:att:pa_box-width-incheshf:att:pa_box-depth-inches
SB291101042RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10240101042
EM-0109.6256.51.875RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps5014009-6256-51-875
EM-1189.56253.752.625RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps5021009-56253-752-625
EM-12996.52RETT White Mailer5070096-52
EM-0088.12573.125RETF White Mailer5014008-12573-125
EM-0077.255.6252RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps5021007-255-6252
FPF183.53.537.25Five-Panel White Folder507003-53-537-25
FPF113337.25Five-Panel White Folder5010503337-25
FPF192.52.518.25Five-Panel White Folder5021002-52-518-25
FPF1228Five-Panel White Folder504200228
M4109.582.25RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps5014009-582-25
M409853RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400853
M4067.53.252.25RETT White Mailer5028007-53-252-25
M4117.55.53RETT White Mailer5010007-55-53
M4077.53.753.25RETT White Mailer5031507-53-753-25
M4087.57.53.25RETT White Mailer507007-57-53-25
M414443RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps503000443
FPF63312.25Five-Panel White Folder5021003312-25
FPF22212.5Five-Panel White Folder5028002212-5
FPF42225.25Five-Panel White Folder5014002225-25
FPF5338Five-Panel White Folder502100338
M4221044RETT White Mailer5014001044
M4299.55.252.5RETT White Mailer5015009-55-252-5
M4309.3757.252.5RETT White Mailer5014009-3757-252-5
M416944RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400944
M421844RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501500844
M427744RETT White Mailer501750744
M4396.53.751.5RETT White Mailer5042006-53-751-5
M415643RETT White Mailer501800643
M417663RETT White Mailer501400663
M426622RETT White Mailer504200622
M437542RETT White Mailer503150542
M440532RETT White Mailer503000532
M428553RETT White Mailer501400553
M438432RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps503000432
M424321RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps503000321
M431333RETT White Mailer503000333
M47010.1254.1253.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps50140010-1254-1253-5
M4661032RETT White Mailer5028001032
M462922RETT White Mailer502800922
M463933RETT White Mailer501800933
M4678.258.251.75RETT White Mailer5021008-258-251-75
M459842RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps502800842
M460843RETT White Mailer502800843
M4617.54.251.0625RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps5042007-54-251-0625
M455732RETT White Mailer502800732
M456742RETT White Mailer502800742
M4436.6254.1253.625RETT White Mailer5014006-6254-1253-625
M477642RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps502800642
M44164.52.25RETT White Mailer50280064-52-25
M447522RETT White Mailer507000522
M448533RETT White Mailer503150533
M444322RETT White Mailer5011200322
M49610102RETT White Mailer50140010102
M4937.57.52RETT White Mailer5021007-57-52
M485733RETT White Mailer503150733
M4926.54.54RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps5014006-54-54
M4904.53.3751.0625RETT White Mailer5070004-53-3751-0625
M4883.253.251.5RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps5070003-253-251-5
M484433RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps503000433
M489431.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps502800431-5
R103966RSC Kraft Box251000966
M511963.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400963-5
R1041887RSC Kraft Box251350887
R100755RSC Kraft Box252400755
R1018633RSC Kraft Box253600633
R1015553RSC Kraft Box252400553
R131064RSC Kraft Box2514001064
R1198.58.58.5RSC Kraft Box257508-58-58-5
R126855RSC Kraft Box251800855
R125774RSC Kraft Box251350774
R124766RSC Kraft Box251350766
R123764RSC Kraft Box252000764
R137643.5RSC Kraft Box253000643-5
R1205510RSC Kraft Box2510005510
R116445RSC Kraft Box252500445
R1274412RSC Kraft Box2510004412
R17910.510.57.5RSC Kraft Box2550010-510-57-5
R1671065RSC Kraft Box2510001065
R1681074RSC Kraft Box2510001074
R1701085RSC Kraft Box2510001085
R1711087RSC Kraft Box257501087
R159974RSC Kraft Box251200974
R162986RSC Kraft Box25750986
R2261101010RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500101010
R2260888RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores251350888
R2591077RSC Kraft Box257501077
R261448RSC Kraft Box251875448
R2666.756.757.75RSC Kraft Box2513506-756-757-75
R3111055RSC Kraft Box2515001055
R306955RSC Kraft Box251500955
R333776RSC Kraft Box251200776
R329655RSC Kraft Box251800655
R327554RSC Kraft Box251800554
R3234428RSC Kraft Box255004428
R35310.57.756.4375RSC Kraft Box2550010-57-756-4375
R35410.510.510.5RSC Kraft Box2550010-510-510-5
R3481099RSC Kraft Box255001099
R35110109RSC Kraft Box2550010109
R34910103RSC Kraft Box2575010103
R35010107RSC Kraft Box2550010107
R346997RSC Kraft Box25750997
R336975RSC Kraft Box25750975
R341943RSC Kraft Box251200943
R345984RSC Kraft Box251200984
R343965RSC Kraft Box251000965
R344977RSC Kraft Box25750977
R335865RSC Kraft Box251800865
R334863RSC Kraft Box251800863
R4644.5RSC Kraft Box253000644-5
R539.59.514.25RSC Kraft Box255009-59-514-25
R594995RSC Kraft Box25750995
R60654.5RSC Kraft Box252400654-5
R62106.753.25RSC Kraft Box251000106-753-25
R7031054RSC Kraft Box2515001054
R7041096RSC Kraft Box257501096
R72710.510.55.5RSC Kraft Box2575010-510-55-5
R7251063RSC Kraft Box2521001063
R7228813.5RSC Kraft Box255008813-5
R717778RSC Kraft Box251350778
R7187710RSC Kraft Box2510507710
R82965.5RSC Kraft Box251000965-5
R8498.58.58RSC Kraft Box257508-58-58
R99753RSC Kraft Box253000753
SLF41072Self-Locking White Folder5014001072
TW103966RSC White Box251000966
TW102964RSC White Box251500964
TW10886RSC White Box251350886
TW100755RSC White Box252400755
TW101775RSC White Box251350775
TRI93325.25Triangle WHITE Tubes507003325-25
TRI83318.25Triangle WHITE Tubes5014003318-25
TW131064RSC White Box2514001064
TW1291084RSC White Box2510001084
TW12999RSC White Box25750999
TW11888RSC White Box251350888
TW126855RSC White Box251800855
TW125774RSC White Box251350774
TW123764RSC White Box252000764
TW124766RSC White Box251350766
TW141066RSC White Box2510001066
TW151086RSC White Box257501086
TW150854RSC White Box251800854
TW153883RSC White Box251200883
TW154885RSC White Box251350885
TW146663RSC White Box251800663
TW147665RSC White Box251800665
TW17910.510.57.5RSC White Box2550010-510-57-5
TW17101010RSC White Box25500101010
TW1681074RSC White Box2510001074
TW1691075RSC White Box2510001075
TW1701085RSC White Box2510001085
TW1711087RSC White Box257501087
TW1671065RSC White Box2510001065
TW161088RSC White Box257501088
TW158962RSC White Box251500962
TW159974RSC White Box251200974
TW163994RSC White Box25750994
TW2444RSC White Box253750444
TW2591077RSC White Box257501077
TW2666.756.757.75RSC White Box2513506-756-757-75
TW306955RSC White Box251500955
TW2936.6254.2510.25RSC White Box2510006-6254-2510-25
TW34.54.54.5RSC White Box2524004-54-54-5
TW3111055RSC White Box2515001055
TW336975RSC White Box25750975
TW3388.56.62510.25RSC White Box255008-56-62510-25
TW335865RSC White Box251800865
TW334863RSC White Box251800863
TW3326648RSC White Box253756648
TW329655RSC White Box251800655
TW328644RSC White Box253600644
TW327554RSC White Box251800554
TW3244432RSC White Box255004432
TW3254440RSC White Box256004440
TW35410.510.510.5RSC White Box2550010-510-510-5
TW34910103RSC White Box2575010103
TW35010107RSC White Box2550010107
TW35110109RSC White Box2550010109
TW342953RSC White Box251500953
TW344977RSC White Box25750977
TW346997RSC White Box25750997
TW5110104RSC White Box2575010104
TW5664RSC White Box251800664
TW5510106RSC White Box2575010106
TW546.756.7512.125RSC White Box257506-756-7512-125
TW594995RSC White Box25750995
TW6666RSC White Box251800666
TW62106.753.25RSC White Box251000106-753-25
TW61866RSC White Box251800866
TW60654.5RSC White Box252400654-5
TW691044RSC White Box2512001044
TW68844RSC White Box252250844
TW7051098RSC White Box257501098
TW7310105RSC White Box2575010105
TW7041096RSC White Box257501096
TW7031054RSC White Box2515001054
TW778.758.759.5RSC White Box255008-758-759-5
TW8864RSC White Box251800864
TW7777RSC White Box251350777
TW74555RSC White Box252400555
TW7015.55.55.5RSC White Box2524005-55-55-5
VDF1210.258.250.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder50140010-258-250-5 1 1-5 2
TW8310108RSC White Box2550010108
TW82965.5RSC White Box251000965-5
TW9884RSC White Box251350884
TW99753RSC White Box253000753
SB1144418RSC Kraft Box2515004418
SB1164424RSC Kraft Box259004424
SB1204436RSC Kraft Box258004436
SB1224440RSC Kraft Box258004440
VDF239.1259.1251.5, 3, 4Variable-Depth White Folder5014009-1259-1251-5 3 4
VDF228.58.06250.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder5021008-58-06250-5 1 1-5 2
VDF28.56.50.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder5014008-56-50-5 1 1-5 2
VDF196.56.50.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder5021006-56-50-5 1 1-5 2
VDF215.68755.3750.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder5031505-68755-3750-5 1 1-5 2
SB110444RSC Kraft Box253000444
SB1244448RSC Kraft Box2510004448
SB208884RSC Kraft Box252100884
SB204866RSC Kraft Box252100866
SB198854RSC Kraft Box252100854
SB202864RSC Kraft Box252100864
SB1947724RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores255007724
SB191777RSC Kraft Box251575777
SB187775RSC Kraft Box252100775
SB1746.6256.62512RSC Kraft Box2510006-6256-62512
SB1716648RSC Kraft Box255006648
SB164664RSC Kraft Box252600664
SB165665RSC Kraft Box252100665
SB1706640RSC Kraft Box256506640
SB167666RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score252100666
SB1696636RSC Kraft Box256506636
SB154644RSC Kraft Box253000644
SB162663RSC Kraft Box253000663
SB156654RSC Kraft Box253500654
SB160662RSC Kraft Box253250662
SB148555RSC Kraft Box252800555
SB2611066RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score2515001066
SB27810104RSC Kraft Box2575010104
SB27910105RSC Kraft Box2575010105
SB2641075RSC Kraft Box2511251075
SB2661082RSC Kraft Box259001082
SB2731088RSC Kraft Box257501088
SB2671084RSC Kraft Box2510001084
SB2701086RSC Kraft Box2510001086
SB244999RSC Kraft Box251050999
SB2479911RSC Kraft Box257509911
SB2509936RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores252509936
SB229954RSC Kraft Box252100954
SB231963RSC Kraft Box252100963
SB242996RSC Kraft Box251125996
SB232964RSC Kraft Box252100964
SB240994RSC Kraft Box251400994
SB226944RSC Kraft Box253150944
SB211885RSC Kraft Box251575885
SB212886RSC Kraft Box251575886
SB214888RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score251125888
SB286101010RSC Kraft Box25500101010
SB287101010RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300101010
SB288101012RSC Kraft Box25500101012
SB28010106RSC Kraft Box2575010106
SB28310108RSC Kraft Box2550010108

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