Boxes 11″-14″

With thousands of box options available from Subotnick, we hope you will explore this complete box list utilizing our search features to find the correct box for your particular application.   Please remember that the dimensions listed are the INSIDE, usable dimensions when the box is closed, with the first two dimensions listed (length x width) representing the opening of the box.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB46014148RSC Kraft Box25500
SB462141410RSC Kraft Box25500
SB467141414RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB464141412RSC Kraft Box25500
SB466141414RSC Kraft Box25500
SB44514108RSC Kraft Box25750
SB447141010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB45814145RSC Kraft Box25500
SB45114126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB455141212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB44314106RSC Kraft Box25750
SB4341464RSC Kraft Box25750
SB4381486RSC Kraft Box25750
SB422131313RSC Kraft Box25500
SB457141248RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15270
SB41813104RSC Kraft Box25750
SB420131310RSC Kraft Box25500
SB369121212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB370121212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB376121224RSC Kraft Box25250
SB372121215RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box10360
SB373121218RSC Kraft Box25500
SB36512128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB36612129RSC Kraft Box25500
SB371121215RSC Kraft Box25500
SB367121210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB368121211RSC Kraft Box25500
SB35412108RSC Kraft Box25500
SB356121010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB36312126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB35912122RSC Kraft Box25750
SB36112124RSC Kraft Box25750
SB35212106RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3421299RSC Kraft Box25750
SB35012104RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3391296RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3401297RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3261264RSC Kraft Box251500
SB3281266RSC Kraft Box251500
SB3361293RSC Kraft Box251000
SB3331286RSC Kraft Box25750
SB3351288RSC Kraft Box25750
SB31111.258.756RSC Kraft Box25750
SB31311.258.758RSC Kraft Box25750
SB31511.258.7510RSC Kraft Box25500
SB31711.258.7512RSC Kraft Box25500
SB30911.258.754RSC Kraft Box251000
SB307111111RSC Kraft Box25500
VDF1714140.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder50700
VDF612.512.50.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder501400
VDF412.259.250.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder501400
VDF511.59.50.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder501400
VDF811.258.750.5, 1, 1.5, 2Variable-Depth White Folder501400
TW9214146RSC White Box25500
TW9114106RSC White Box25750
TW8612129RSC White Box25500
TW8812108RSC White Box25500
TW981284RSC White Box251000
TW8912128RSC White Box25500
TW90121210RSC White Box25500
TW8411.258.754RSC White Box25750
TW76131310RSC White Box25500
TW7012.511.511.5RSC White Box25500
TW69912.259.259RSC White Box25500
TW791288RSC White Box25750
TW751286RSC White Box25750
TW68814.1258.62510RSC White Box25500
TW68914.1258.62512RSC White Box with Extra Scores25500
TW678121212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10240
TW68512127RSC White Box25500
TW6971275RSC White Box251000
TW69811.258.7514.25RSC White Box25500
TW6712.7512.7513.5RSC White Box25500
TW6512.259.1255.875RSC White Box25750
TW641266RSC White Box251000
TW631244RSC White Box252100
TW59213137.5RSC White Box25500
TW561264RSC White Box251000
TW5712106RSC White Box25750
TW5812124RSC White Box25500
TW59311119RSC White Box25500
TW491486RSC White Box25750
TW50141410RSC White Box25500
TW5211.258.756RSC White Box25750
TW39414.12511.756.3125RSC White Box25500
TW39514.59.512RSC White Box25500
TW393141424RSC White Box20240
TW39214145RSC White Box25500
TW390141012RSC White Box25500
TW391141212RSC White Box25500
TW38813.57.513.5RSC White Box25500
TW38913.58.510.5RSC White Box25500
TW38413911RSC White Box25500
TW3851310.2510RSC White Box25500
TW38613134.5RSC White Box25500
TW3821397RSC White Box25750
TW3811395.5RSC White Box25750
TW37912.512.510.5RSC White Box25500
TW37812.512.58RSC White Box25500
TW37412.259.256.25RSC White Box25500
TW37512.259.2512.5RSC White Box25500
TW371121225RSC White Box20240
TW36912122RSC White Box251050
TW3471295RSC White Box25750
TW3481299RSC White Box25500
TW36812114RSC White Box25750
TW3651265RSC White Box251000
TW36712103RSC White Box25750
TW36011.258.7512RSC White Box with Extra Scores25500
TW36311.2510.12510.25RSC White Box25500
TW3551165.5RSC White Box251000
TW3641188RSC White Box25750
TW3561177RSC White Box25750
TW3581199RSC White Box25500
TW31141414RSC White Box25250
TW31811.258.754.75RSC White Box25750
TW2914104RSC White Box25750
TW3014126RSC White Box25500
TW2951388RSC White Box25750
TW3071294RSC White Box25750
TW302121211RSC White Box25500
TW29411.258.7512RSC White Box25500
TW27141010RSC White Box25500
TW269131313RSC White Box25500
TW268121215RSC White Box25500
TW26511.258.7510RSC White Box25500
TW2513.513.57.5RSC White Box25500
TW2413.512.510.25RSC White Box25500
TW1941499RSC White Box25500
TW19514108RSC White Box25500
TW19614113RSC White Box25500
TW19814147RSC White Box25400
TW1931488RSC White Box25500
TW1921477RSC White Box25750
TW20121212RSC White Box25500
TW18912123RSC White Box25750
TW1912126RSC White Box25500
TW187121010RSC White Box25500
TW1812104RSC White Box25750
TW185129.512RSC White Box25500
TW181111111RSC White Box25500
TW17414.5134.5RSC White Box25500
TW16514124RSC White Box25700
TW16614129.125RSC White Box25500
TW16413.87511.2510.25RSC White Box25500
TW16113104RSC White Box25750
TW17512.37512.3754.5RSC White Box25500
TW157121217.5RSC White Box25250
TW13814148RSC White Box25500
TW15612125RSC White Box25500
TW1511254RSC White Box251000
TW1431296RSC White Box25750
TW1361466RSC White Box25750
TW11313102RSC White Box251000
TW1331293RSC White Box25750
TW1341297RSC White Box25750
TW1351299RSC White Box25500
TW13211.258.758RSC White Box25750
TW1311186RSC White Box25750
TW105141412RSC White Box25250
R9214146RSC Kraft Box25500
RBK-19913.8759.57.375RSC Kraft Box25500
R8551355RSC Kraft Box251000
R86312.2512.2512RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score25500
R8361277RSC Kraft Box25750
R981284RSC Kraft Box251000
R85611.59.56RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score25750
RBK-120B11.58.7511RSC Kraft Box25500
R75214.7512.255.875RSC Kraft Box25500
R75114.5109RSC Kraft Box25500
R75014.1258.62512RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R74614128.5RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R749141436RSC Kraft Box15270
R747141414RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R743138.6258RSC Kraft Box25750
R74012.251110.375RSC Kraft Box25500
R72112910RSC Kraft Box25500
R733121212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box25500
R729118.754.875RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box25750
R70713115RSC Kraft Box25750
R70612109RSC Kraft Box25500
R68512127RSC Kraft Box25500
R69811.258.7514.25RSC Kraft Box25500
R631244RSC Kraft Box251000
R59213137.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R59311119RSC Kraft Box25500
R39514.59.512RSC Kraft Box25500
R393141424RSC Kraft Box20240
R390141012RSC Kraft Box25500
R38913.58.510.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R38413911RSC Kraft Box25500
R38613134.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R3831398.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R3811395.5RSC Kraft Box25750
R3821397RSC Kraft Box25750
R37812.512.58RSC Kraft Box25500
R37912.512.510.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R37412.259.56.25RSC Kraft Box25500
R37512.259.2512.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R36712103RSC Kraft Box25750
R36812114RSC Kraft Box25750
R370121220RSC Kraft Box20240
R373121248RSC Kraft Box15240
R371121225RSC Kraft Box20240
R372121240RSC Kraft Box20240
R3651265RSC Kraft Box251000
R3581199RSC Kraft Box25500
R36011.1258.7512RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R3561177RSC Kraft Box25750
R30814149RSC Kraft Box25250
R320138.6259.875RSC Kraft Box25500
R3071294RSC Kraft Box25750
R31911.759.257.125RSC Kraft Box25750
R31811.258.754.75RSC Kraft Box25750
R2914104RSC Kraft Box25750
R29013.62577.625RSC Kraft Box25750
R29812.81258.56255RSC Kraft Box25750
R2513.513.57.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R2262141414RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25250
R2212.759.56258.6875RSC Kraft Box25500
R2268121212RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R1921477RSC Kraft Box25750
R1931488RSC Kraft Box25500
R19814147RSC Kraft Box25400
R1941499RSC Kraft Box25500
R19614113RSC Kraft Box25500
R18613.37513.37512RSC Kraft Box25250
R2112.2510.58RSC Kraft Box25500
R185129.512RSC Kraft Box25500
R18912123RSC Kraft Box25750
R173141418RSC Kraft Box20240
R16514124RSC Kraft Box25500
R16614129.125RSC Kraft Box25500
R17512.37512.3754.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R183129.54RSC Kraft Box25750
R184129.58RSC Kraft Box25500
R160121230RSC Kraft Box20240
R15612125RSC Kraft Box25500
R1361466RSC Kraft Box25750
R1301164RSC Kraft Box251800
R1311186RSC Kraft Box25750
M50613.513.52RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps50700
OPF-04A11.3758.68751.125White One-Piece Mailer501200
M5001433RETF White Mailer502100
M4981233RETF White Mailer502100
M4791281.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400
M48012121.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501050
M49411.592.125RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps50700
M497116.52.75RETT White Mailer501400
M47512.553RETT White Mailer50700
M47412.256.54.125RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps50700
M47211.1254.52.625RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400
M41912.259.253RETT White Mailer50700
M43512.259.254RETT White Mailer50350
M43412.1259.52RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps50700
M4231264RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps50700
GB113102RETT White Mailer501400
M40311.258.754RETT White Mailer50700
M40511.258.753RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25700
M40211.258.752.125RETT White Mailer501200
F912.512.52One-Piece White Folder501050

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