Boxes 15″-19″

With thousands of box options available from Subotnick, we hope you will explore this complete box list utilizing our search features to find the correct box for your particular application.   Please remember that the dimensions listed are the INSIDE, usable dimensions when the box is closed, with the first two dimensions listed (length x width) representing the opening of the box.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB64618.512.31256.875RSC Kraft Box25500
SB64418.512.31253.5RSC Kraft Box25500
SB638181816RSC Kraft Box20280
SB639181818RSC Kraft Box15135
SB641181818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
SB642181824RSC Kraft Box10280
SB635181812RSC Kraft Box15270
SB625181412RSC Kraft Box25250
SB63118186RSC Kraft Box25250
SB613181212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB623181410RSC Kraft Box25500
SB6061866RSC Kraft Box25750
SB6081899RSC Kraft Box25600
SB612181210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB61018126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB61118128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB60317.511.511.5RSC Kraft Box25500
SB549161612RSC Kraft Box25250
SB551161616RSC Kraft Box25250
SB533161212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB54216164RSC Kraft Box25500
SB547161610RSC Kraft Box25250
SB54416166RSC Kraft Box25500
SB54516168RSC Kraft Box25250
SB5221686RSC Kraft Box25750
SB5241688RSC Kraft Box25750
SB531161210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB52816126RSC Kraft Box25500
SB53016128RSC Kraft Box25500
SB49815155RSC Kraft Box25500
SB502151512RSC Kraft Box25250
SB511151515RSC Kraft Box25250
SB494151210RSC Kraft Box25500
SB49215124RSC Kraft Box25500
TW95181812RSC White Box15270
TW96181818RSC White Box15120
VDF1417.7511.50.5, 1, 2Variable-Depth White Folder501400
TW931688RSC White Box25500
TW94161010RSC White Box25500
TW71018168RSC White Box20480
TW7117.25134.875RSC White Box25500
TW80161610RSC White Box20240
TW709161410RSC White Box25400
TW70816148RSC White Box25375
TW671181818RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1080
TW69117.511.59.5RSC White Box25500
TW69217106RSC White Box25500
TW69317107RSC White Box25500
TW677151515RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1070
TW5521914.2512RSC White Box25250
TW55319156RSC White Box25250
TW5511912.513.75RSC White Box25250
TW55019123RSC White Box25500
TW54018146RSC White Box25500
TW542181410RSC White Box25250
TW546181610RSC White Box20280
TW543181412RSC White Box25250
TW54518166RSC White Box20480
TW53518125RSC White Box25500
TW53618129RSC White Box25500
TW53918144RSC White Box25500
TW537181210RSC White Box25500
TW538181311RSC White Box25500
TW53418106RSC White Box25500
TW5331886RSC White Box25500
TW52917.2517.258RSC White Box20240
TW5271799RSC White Box25500
TW519161210RSC White Box25500
TW52016144RSC White Box25375
TW522161412RSC White Box20240
TW5141686RSC White Box25500
TW51516119RSC White Box25500
TW51816128RSC White Box25500
TW51616124RSC White Box25500
TW51716126RSC White Box25500
TW51115.7510.756.375RSC White Box25500
TW4018.62512.57RSC White Box25250
TW398151212RSC White Box25500
TW37181312RSC White Box25500
TW31016.599RSC White Box25500
TW34161616RSC White Box20120
TW3316146RSC White Box25375
TW3121693RSC White Box25500
TW32151510RSC White Box25250
TW28618.511.53RSC White Box25400
TW291181612RSC White Box15240
TW296181816RSC White Box15135
TW28715124RSC White Box25500
TW2791812.7510RSC White Box25500
TW270181212RSC White Box25500
TW27317.511.58.75RSC White Box25500
TW27417.511.514.25RSC White Box25500
TW278151210RSC White Box25500
TW27515128RSC White Box25500
TW23317.2517.2511RSC White Box15240
TW2181964RSC White Box25500
TW212181010RSC White Box25500
TW21318128RSC White Box25500
TW21418184RSC White Box25250
TW2101866RSC White Box25500
TW20816168RSC White Box25250
TW209161612RSC White Box20240
TW22316164RSC White Box25375
TW2031677RSC White Box25750
TW20416106RSC White Box25500
TW20716166RSC White Box25250
TW20516108RSC White Box25500
TW206161212RSC White Box25500
TW2021655RSC White Box251000
TW19018126RSC White Box25500
TW197181810RSC White Box15240
TW201181815RSC White Box15120
TW18817.7514.512.5RSC White Box25250
TW20015117RSC White Box25500
TW14018186RSC White Box25250
TW15217.7511.512.5RSC White Box with Extra Score25500
TW139151515RSC White Box20240
TW11118188RSC White Box20240
TW1211612.7512.75RSC White Box25250
TW12215105RSC White Box25500
RF215.2512.37510Record File White Box with Lid25700
RF115.37512.37510.25Self-Locking Record File Snap Lock Bottom White Box with Lid25150
R86017.2512.755.875RSC Kraft Box25500
SB526161010RSC Kraft Box25500
R839151111RSC Kraft Box25500
R86115.2510.1259.625RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score25500
R7861914.2523.875RSC Kraft Box15135
R78218.62512.57.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R8118.518.512RSC Kraft Box15240
R775181212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R7681766RSC Kraft Box251000
R8321684RSC Kraft Box25750
R7641664RSC Kraft Box251000
R765161616RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15120
R75815154RSC Kraft Box25500
R71018168RSC Kraft Box20480
R7117.25134.875RSC Kraft Box25500
R68417145RSC Kraft Box25500
R70816148RSC Kraft Box25375
R709161410RSC Kraft Box25400
R670161616RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1070
R5511912.513.75RSC Kraft Box25250
R5521914.512RSC Kraft Box25250
R55419.751513RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R55319156RSC Kraft Box25250
R546181610RSC Kraft Box20280
R53918144RSC Kraft Box25500
R54018146RSC Kraft Box25500
R54518166RSC Kraft Box20480
R54118148RSC Kraft Box25250
R54418164RSC Kraft Box20480
R5331886RSC Kraft Box25500
R53618129RSC Kraft Box25500
R53418106RSC Kraft Box25500
R53518125RSC Kraft Box25500
R53217.511.510.75RSC Kraft Box25250
R53117.2517.2514.5RSC Kraft Box15120
R52917.2517.258RSC Kraft Box20240
R4118.518.520.5RSC Kraft Box15135
R52817149RSC Kraft Box20240
R5271799RSC Kraft Box25500
R522161412RSC Kraft Box20240
R52016144RSC Kraft Box25375
R5131666RSC Kraft Box251000
R51616124RSC Kraft Box25500
R51215.7510.7512.625RSC Kraft Box25240
R3961598RSC Kraft Box25500
R398151212RSC Kraft Box25500
R50115156RSC Kraft Box25375
R502151530RSC Kraft Box15105
R3918.2516.510.375RSC Kraft Box25250
R3818.312512.259.3125RSC Kraft Box25250
R37181312RSC Kraft Box25500
R3616.510.8757.75RSC Kraft Box25500
R36216169RSC Kraft Box20240
R3316146RSC Kraft Box25375
R3121693RSC Kraft Box25500
R313161636RSC Kraft Box10120
R32151510RSC Kraft Box25250
R291181612RSC Kraft Box15240
R27417.511.514.25RSC Kraft Box25500
R27317.511.58.75RSC Kraft Bpx25500
R272171717RSC Kraft Box20120
R27515128RSC Kraft Box25500
R2191977RSC Kraft Box25500
R2181964RSC Kraft Box25500
R2265181818RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15120
R23317.2517.2511RSC Kraft Box15240
R2263161616RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores20120
R197181810RSC Kraft Box15240
R201181815RSC Kraft Box15120
R212181010RSC Kraft Box25500
R21418184RSC Kraft Box25250
R18817.7514.512.5RSC Kraft Box25250
R2031677RSC Kraft Box25750
R20416106RSC Kraft Box25500
R20516108RSC Kraft Box25500
R20015117RSC Kraft Box25500
R15217.7511.512.5RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R180161110RSC Kraft Box25500
R1081988RSC Kraft Box25500
R11118188RSC Kraft Box20240
R1061587RSC Kraft Box25625
R107151520RSC Kraft Box20120
R12215105RSC Kraft Box25500
R1005181212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
R1011181412RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
R100117.2511.1258.75RSC Kraft Box25500
R102917.2511.2510.25RSC Kraft Box25500
R116.7516.7517.5RSC Kraft Box25125
R1020161611RSC Kraft Box20120
M50515.8753.752.625RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps501400
M48218121.5RETT White Mailer25300
M48116121.5RETT White Mailer25600
M50115.1258.752RETT White Mailer501400
M50215.1258.753RETT White Mailer501400
M50415.12511.253RETT White Mailer50700
GB319123RETT White Mailer25350
GB217112.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25700
GB515112RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25350
F2216162One-Piece White Folder25700
F2115152One-Piece White Folder25700
RM1.516.12512.12512.125RSC Kraft 1.5 Cube Moving Box25500
RM3.0181816RSC Kraft 3.0 Cube Moving Box20280
RM4.5181824RSC Kraft 4.5 Cube Moving Box20140
RDP5.017.7517.7528.5625Kraft Heavy-Duty Dishpack Moving Box580

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