Boxes 20+”

With thousands of box options available from Subotnick, we hope you will explore this complete box list utilizing our search features to find the correct box for your particular application.   Please remember that the dimensions listed are the INSIDE, usable dimensions when the box is closed, with the first two dimensions listed (length x width) representing the opening of the box.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
HPT41C484041OD RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Bulk Container w/ DOUBLEWALL Liner126
SB983462012RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score10130
SB985548.528.5FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB9794088RSC Kraft Box20360
SB912362424RSC Kraft Box5135
SB897361210RSC Kraft Box15270
SB908362120RSC Kraft Box5135
SB874302412RSC Kraft Box10130
SB875303030RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB871301816RSC Kraft Box10130
SB868301515RSC Kraft Box10130
SB85828149RSC Kraft Box25250
SB861282812RSC Kraft Box5135
SB85127238.5RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10130
SB83525.751722RSC Kraft Box15135
SB818242424RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB81324246RSC Kraft Box10130
SB814242412RSC Kraft Box10130
SB815242416RSC Kraft Box10130
SB817242424RSC Kraft Box10150
SB786241212RSC Kraft Box20240
SB804241613RSC Kraft Box15135
SB809241818RSC Kraft Box15135
SB80724186RSC Kraft Box20240
SB808241812RSC Kraft Box15270
SB78224126RSC Kraft Box20240
SB742221816RSC Kraft Box10130
SB74522226RSC Kraft Box15270
SB751222218RSC Kraft Box10130
SB752222222RSC Kraft Box10140
SB740221412RSC Kraft Box15270
SB737221212RSC Kraft Box25250
SB703202020RSC Kraft Box10130
SB705202020RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB699202015RSC Kraft Box15135
SB687201612RSC Kraft Box25250
SB69120206RSC Kraft Box20240
SB695202010RSC Kraft Box15135
SB697202012RSC Kraft Box15135
SB67520146RSC Kraft Box25500
SB677201410RSC Kraft Box25250
SB685201515RSC Kraft Box25250
SB678201412RSC Kraft Box25250
SB680201414RSC Kraft Box25250
SB6652088RSC Kraft Box25500
TW9732145RSC White Box15270
TW848222222RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box580
TW7226175RSC White Box20240
TW674241818RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box575
TW673241212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10160
TW69022226RSC White Box15120
TW679201212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10140
TW672202020RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box575
TW69620106RSC White Box25500
TW666421110RSC White Box10240
TW662362112RSC White Box5125
TW65836124RSC White Box15240
TW61926155RSC White Box15240
TW621261619RSC White Box10130
TW607241418RSC White Box15120
TW60824164RSC White Box20240
TW613242416RSC White Box5130
TW60624148RSC White Box20240
TW60324106RSC White Box25250
TW604241010RSC White Box20240
TW60123.5144RSC White Box25250
TW60023619RSC White Box10120
TW591231410RSC White Box20240
TW584222210RSC White Box15135
TW581221712RSC White Box15120
TW57922104RSC White Box25500
TW57721.7512.59.875RSC White Box20240
TW57421.37515.62512.625RSC White Box15270
TW57321.37515.6259.5RSC White Box15240
TW56020146RSC White Box25250
TW561201414RSC White Box20240
TW562201614RSC White Box20120
TW56320206RSC White Box20240
TW55820128RSC White Box25500
TW5572066RSC White Box25500
TW5562055RSC White Box25500
TW4830.518.518.5RSC White Box10120
TW50425197RSC White Box15240
TW50325195RSC White Box15240
TW45241212RSC White Box20240
TW44202018RSC White Box10120
TW339302412RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box570
TW31728169RSC White Box15240
TW283362120RSC White Box5125
TW281321716RSC White Box10130
TW297251210RSC White Box25250
TW292241414.375RSC White Box15120
TW284221412RSC White Box15240
TW30920126RSC White Box25500
TW28220159RSC White Box20240
TW26733185RSC White Box10260
TW26425.51313RSC White Box20280
TW263251715RSC White Box15135
TW25724166RSC White Box20240
TW26224247RSC White Box10120
TW258241810RSC White Box15240
TW260241812RSC White Box15135
TW277201412RSC White Box25250
TW251361210RSC White Box15240
TW25430143RSC White Box20240
TW24629179RSC White Box15240
TW2452866RSC White Box25375
TW24327149RSC White Box20240
TW253241420RSC White Box15135
TW23824108RSC White Box25250
TW23924126RSC White Box20240
TW2522413.12512.75RSC White Box15240
TW240242412RSC White Box10120
TW24924144RSC White Box20240
TW2372488RSC White Box25500
TW2282486RSC White Box25500
TW2362466RSC White Box25500
TW23122109RSC White Box25250
TW227201212RSC White Box25250
TW230202010RSC White Box20120
TW22623133.5RSC White Box20240
TW222211212RSC White Box15240
TW225201010RSC White Box25500
TW22420108RSC White Box25500
TW2172088RSC White Box25500
TW2202044RSC White Box251000
TW182201410RSC White Box25250
TW1773688RSC White Box20240
TW17824128RSC White Box20240
TW148301816RSC White Box15120
TW149261614RSC White Box15120
TW141242424RSC White Box10130
TW155241613RSC White Box15240
TW144221414RSC White Box15270
TW142202020RSC White Box10120
TW110241818RSC White Box15120
TW118201612RSC White Box25250
RBK-518A33.523.523.5FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
RBK-497C302030RSC Kraft Box5100
R835251512RSC Kraft Box15240
RBK-446A241816RSC Kraft Box15120
RBK-449D242018RSC Kraft Box15120
R89524168RSC Kraft Box20240
R893241412RSC Kraft Box20240
R89122186RSC Kraft Box20240
R82436106RSC Kraft Box25375
R818302424RSC Kraft Box5135
R8062499RSC Kraft Box25500
R807241015RSC Kraft Box20240
R808241212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15240
R79922.062517.7510.0625RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL1080
R833221210RSC Kraft Box25250
R834221510RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score20240
R788201210RSC Kraft Box25250
R7226175RSC Kraft Box20240
R713222018.5RSC Kraft Box10130
R71220208RSC Kraft Box20240
R734201216RSC Kraft Box20120
R667441212RSC Kraft Box10240
R66542116RSC Kraft Box15240
R662362112RSC Kraft Box5125
R66936165RSC Kraft Box10260
R700261812RSC Kraft Box10260
R673241212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box10160
R674241818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box575
R681242436RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
R69620106RSC Kraft Box25500
R66036209RSC Kraft Box5125
R661362015RSC Kraft Box5120
R65936167RSC Kraft Box10260
R6573666RSC Kraft Box20360
R65836124RSC Kraft Box15240
R65633194.5RSC Kraft Box10240
R6533215.62512.625RSC Kraft Box10103
R6523288RSC Kraft Box20240
R63831169RSC Kraft Box10240
R63429177RSC Kraft Box15270
R635291712RSC Kraft Box10130
R627281614RSC Kraft Box10130
R63329173RSC Kraft Box15270
R626281612RSC Kraft Box10120
R61926155RSC Kraft Box15240
R623262620RSC Kraft Box5100
R62026157RSC Kraft Box15270
R621261619RSC Kraft Box10130
R59632136RSC Kraft Box15240
R595312419RSC Kraft Box5125
R618261212RSC Kraft Box20280
R617251910.5RSC Kraft Box15120
R615242430RSC Kraft Box5125
R60624148RSC Kraft Box20240
R60824164RSC Kraft Box20240
R614242420RSC Kraft Box5130
R60924173RSC Kraft Box20240
R611242012RSC Kraft Box15120
R605241211RSC Kraft Box20240
R60324106RSC Kraft Box25250
R604241010RSC Kraft Box20240
R59023123.5RSC Kraft Box25250
R591231410RSC Kraft Box20240
R600231619RSC Kraft Box10120
R56832129RSC Kraft Box20240
R56529109RSC Kraft Box25250
R588261413RSC Kraft Box15240
R5892386RSC Kraft Box25500
R581221712RSC Kraft Box15120
R58322228RSC Kraft Box15120
R585222216RSC Kraft Box10102
R5802213.510.75RSC Kraft Box20240
R5782266RSC Kraft Box25500
R57922104RSC Kraft Box25500
R57521.37515.62515.75RSC Kraft Box15120
R57321.37515.6259.5RSC Kraft Box15240
R57121188.5RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15240
R570211414RSC Kraft Box15240
R562201614RSC Kraft Box20240
R56420207RSC Kraft Box20240
R567202014RSC Kraft Box15135
R569202025RSC Kraft Box10130
R559201310RSC Kraft Box25250
R55820128RSC Kraft Box25500
R53021.37515.62518.625RSC Kraft Box15120
R5572066RSC Kraft Box25500
R4830.518.518.5RSC Kraft Box10120
R47252520RSC Kraft Box10130
R46241715RSC Kraft Box15120
R521222212RSC Kraft Box10120
R44202018RSC Kraft Box10130
R303303030RSC Kraft Box5100
R31528165RSC Kraft Box15240
R31628167RSC Kraft Box15270
R30920126RSC Kraft Box25500
R304202036RSC Kraft Box10120
R289361216RSC Kraft Box10220
R28030147RSC Kraft Box15240
R27130145RSC Kraft Box20240
R26425.51313RSC Kraft Box20280
R263251715RSC Kraft Box15135
R297251210RSC Kraft Box25250
R292241414.375RSC Kraft Box15120
R276241624RSC Kraft Box10130
R30021.510.62515.5RSC Kraft Box20240
R28521.37516.62512.125RSC Kraft Box15120
R28220159RSC Kraft Box20240
R250331414RSC Kraft Box15150
R2483266RSC Kraft Box20360
R256302410RSC Kraft Box10120
R24629179RSC Kraft Box15240
R2452866RSC Kraft Box25375
R24327149RSC Kraft Box20240
R244272727RSC Kraft Box5110
R253241420RSC Kraft Box15135
R25724166RSC Kraft Box20240
R258241810RSC Kraft Box15240
R26224247RSC Kraft Box10120
R2372488RSC Kraft Box25500
R23824108RSC Kraft Box25250
R2522413.12512.75RSC Kraft Box15240
R241242418.5RSC Kraft Box10130
R24924144RSC Kraft Box20240
SB7702466RSC Kraft Box25500
R2282486RSC Kraft Box25500
R22623133.5RSC Kraft Box20240
R234222224RSC Kraft Box10130
R23122109RSC Kraft Box25250
R222211212RSC Kraft Box15240
R23520.187513.8757.75RSC Kraft Box25250
R22420108RSC Kraft Box25500
R225201010RSC Kraft Box25500
R227201212RSC Kraft Box25250
R2266202020RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10130
R216331810RSC Kraft Box10130
R215202016RSC Kraft Box10130
R1773688RSC Kraft Box20240
R149261614RSC Kraft Box15120
R17824128RSC Kraft Box20240
R144221414RSC Kraft Box15270
R10920204RSC Kraft Box20240
R101230209RSC Kraft Box15135
R103129.514.522.5RSC Kraft Box10130
R1046241820RSC Kraft Box15120
R101421.37515.6256.375RSC Kraft Box15270
R102120168RSC Kraft Box25250
M48320102.25RETF White Mailer with Dust Flaps25350
M47620.6256.6254.125RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25700
GB623132.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25300
GB423133.5RETT White Mailer with Dust Flaps25300
BC9NP484037.5Truck Pack Kraft DOUBLEWALL Bulk Container16
BC1422925.5RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Bulk Container150
BC835.3752121RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Bulk Container175
RWB20BAR20Bar for use with RWB20NB Wardrobe Box575
RMLG2484.568Large Telescoping Two-Piece Mirror/Art Moving Box570
RMLG440460Large Expandable Four-Piece Mirror/Art Moving Box570
RKQ2M72884Telescoping King/Queen Mattress Moving Box570
RWB20NB2019.7545Kraft Heavy-Duty Wardrobe Moving Box575

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