Cube Boxes

Subotnick offers many cube-sized corrugated boxes for superior value and versatility.   With cube box sizes available in kraft, white, and doublewall versions, Subotnick provides you with the variety of choices to assist in shipping all of your product sizes.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB818242424RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB875303030RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB703202020RSC Kraft Box10130
SB705202020RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB752222222RSC Kraft Box10140
SB817242424RSC Kraft Box10150
SB639181818RSC Kraft Box15135
SB641181818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
SB551161616RSC Kraft Box25250
SB422131313RSC Kraft Box25500
SB466141414RSC Kraft Box25500
SB467141414RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB511151515RSC Kraft Box25250
SB369121212RSC Kraft Box25500
SB370121212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB286101010RSC Kraft Box25500
SB287101010RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB307111111RSC Kraft Box25500
SB214888RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score251125
SB244999RSC Kraft Box251050
SB148555RSC Kraft Box252800
SB167666RSC Kraft Box with Extra Score252100
SB191777RSC Kraft Box251575
SB110444RSC Kraft Box253000
TW848222222RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box580
TW96181818RSC White Box15120
TW7777RSC White Box251350
TW7015.55.55.5RSC White Box252400
TW74555RSC White Box252400
TW671181818RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1080
TW672202020RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box575
TW677151515RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1070
TW678121212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10240
TW6666RSC White Box251800
TW35410.510.510.5RSC White Box25500
TW31141414RSC White Box25250
TW34161616RSC White Box20120
TW34.54.54.5RSC White Box252400
TW269131313RSC White Box25500
TW181111111RSC White Box25500
TW2444RSC White Box253750
TW20121212RSC White Box25500
TW17101010RSC White Box25500
TW139151515RSC White Box20240
TW141242424RSC White Box10130
TW142202020RSC White Box10120
TW11888RSC White Box251350
TW12999RSC White Box25750
R765161616RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15120
R733121212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box25500
R747141414RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R670161616RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1070
R35410.510.510.5RSC Kraft Box25500
R303303030RSC Kraft Box5100
R272171717RSC Kraft Box20120
R244272727RSC Kraft Box5110
R2260888RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores251350
R2261101010RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R2262141414RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25250
R2263161616RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores20120
R2265181818RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15120
R2266202020RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores10130
R2268121212RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores25500
R1198.58.58.5RSC Kraft Box25750

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