Heavy-Duty Boxes

Subotnick offers an assortment of heavy-duty boxes for shipment of your heaviest products and intended to withstand the harshest shipping conditions.   Heavy-duty boxes are manufactured from high-strength singlewall or doublewall corrugated for increased stacking strength and durability.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB818242424RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB855285.538FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box10120
SB875303030RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB87832642FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB89235.755.545.25FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB985548.528.5FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
SB705202020RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
SB754234.527.25FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15240
SB641181818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
SB467141414RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB370121212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
SB372121215RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box10360
SB287101010RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box15300
TW848222222RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box580
TW671181818RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1080
TW672202020RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box575
TW673241212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10160
TW674241818RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box575
TW677151515RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box1070
TW678121212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10240
TW679201212RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box10140
TW68230.518.518.5RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box580
TW339302412RSC White DOUBLEWALL Box570
RBK-518A33.523.523.5FOL Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box5125
R765161616RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15120
R775181212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R79922.062517.7510.0625RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL1080
R808241212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box15240
R729118.754.875RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box25750
R733121212RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box25500
R747141414RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R670161616RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1070
R673241212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box10160
R674241818RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box575
R681242436RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box580
R55419.751513RSC Kraft HEAVY DUTY Box20240
R1005181212RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080
R1011181412RSC Kraft DOUBLEWALL Box1080

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