Sheets and Pads

Subotnick offers a variety of sheet sizes manufactured from rigid corrugated or heavy linerboard for use as layer pads or box inserts to increase strength and rigidity of your shipments.   Corrugated sheets can also be used as material to cut into custom boxes and folders to fit your odd-sized products.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Sheet DescriptionQty Per BundleQty Per Pallet
SB04036.048.0Corrugated Kraft Sheet25250
SB04340.048.0Corrugated Kraft Sheet25275
SB04440.048.0Linerboard Kraft Slip Sheets2500
SB04948.096.0Corrugated Kraft Sheet10250
SB05148.096.0Corrugated Kraft DOUBLEWALL Sheet5160
TP3140.048.0Corrugated White Sheet10300
TP3248.048.0Corrugated White Sheet10250
TP3420.016.0Corrugated White Sheet501500
TP3516.012.0Corrugated White Sheet502400
TP3612.09.0Corrugated White Sheet503000
TP3724.018.0Corrugated White Sheet251000
TP3820.024.0Corrugated White Sheet501000
TP4048.096.0Corrugated White DOUBLEWALL Sheet5160
TP510.010.0Corrugated White Sheet503200
TP712.012.0Corrugated White Sheet502400
TP814.014.0Corrugated White Sheet501800
TP916.016.0Corrugated White Sheet502250
TP1018.018.0Corrugated White Sheet501000
TP1124.036.0Corrugated White Sheet25500
TP128.08.0Corrugated White Sheet503000
TP1311.014.0Corrugated White Sheet503000
TP1536.072.0Corrugated White Sheet10240
TP1614.012.0Corrugated White Sheet502400
TP1724.048.0Corrugated White Sheet25500
TP1848.072.0Corrugated White Sheet10240
TP1948.096.0Corrugated White Sheet10240
TP28.511.0Corrugated White Sheet503200
TP2012.010.0Corrugated White Sheet503200
TP2417.011.0Corrugated White Sheet502000
TP2620.014.0Corrugated White Sheet501200
TP2936.048.0Corrugated White Sheet20260
TP310.08.0Corrugated White Sheet504000

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