Tall Boxes

Subotnick’s tall boxes are ideal for shipping long, narrow items, including rolled products, lamps, and sporting equipment.   Tall boxes are end-loading with the first two dimensions representing the opening of the box, and the third dimension representing the length of the box.

SKUBox Length (inches)Box Width (inches)Box Depth (inches)Box TypeQty Per BundleQty Per Pallethf:att:pa_box-length-incheshf:att:pa_box-width-incheshf:att:pa_box-depth-inches
R736121236RSC Kraft Box15270121236
R54918.518.530.5RSC Kraft Box1013018-518-530-5
R377161626RSC Kraft Box15135161626
SB642181824RSC Kraft Box10280181824
SB457141248RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores15270141248
SB376121224RSC Kraft Box25250121224
SB373121218RSC Kraft Box25500121218
SB2509936RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores252509936
SB1947724RSC Kraft Box with Extra Scores255007724
SB1244448RSC Kraft Box2510004448
SB1696636RSC Kraft Box256506636
SB1706640RSC Kraft Box256506640
SB1716648RSC Kraft Box255006648
SB1746.6256.62512RSC Kraft Box2510006-6256-62512
SB1164424RSC Kraft Box259004424
SB1224440RSC Kraft Box258004440
SB1204436RSC Kraft Box258004436
SB1144418RSC Kraft Box2515004418
TW3326648RSC White Box253756648
TW3254440RSC White Box256004440
TW3244432RSC White Box255004432
R749141436RSC Kraft Box15270141436
R502151530RSC Kraft Box15105151530
R393141424RSC Kraft Box20240141424
R373121248RSC Kraft Box15240121248
R372121240RSC Kraft Box20240121240
R371121225RSC Kraft Box20240121225
R370121220RSC Kraft Box20240121220
R3234428RSC Kraft Box255004428
R313161636RSC Kraft Box10120161636
R304202036RSC Kraft Box10120202036
R1274412RSC Kraft Box2510004412

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