Anti-Static Rolled Foam

Pink anti-static rolled foam provides low-cost shock absorption and abrasion resistance for electronics that are sensitive to static damage.   Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, anti-static rolled foam is ideal for protection of sensitive electronic parts and components.

SKUMaterial Thickness (inches)Roll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)Material DescriptionRolls Per Master Bundle
PF18A-600.1250060450Anti-Static Foam Roll1
PF18A-60P120.1250060450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated1
PF18A-60S300.1250030450Anti-Static Foam Roll2
PF18A-60S30P120.1250030450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated2
PF18A-720.1250072450Anti-Static Foam Roll1
PF18A-72P120.1250072450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated1
PF18A-72S180.1250018450Anti-Static Foam Roll4
PF18A-72S18P120.1250018450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated4
PF18A-72S360.1250036450Anti-Static Foam Roll2
PF18A-72S36P120.1250036450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated2
PF18A-480.1250048450Anti-Static Foam Roll1
PF18A-48P120.1250048450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated1
PF18A-48S120.1250012450Anti-Static Foam Roll4
PF18A-48S12P120.1250012450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated4
PF18A-48S160.1250016450Anti-Static Foam Roll3
PF18A-48S16P120.1250016450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated3
PF18A-48S240.1250024450Anti-Static Foam Roll2
PF18A-48S24P120.1250024450Anti-Static Foam Roll - Perforated2

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