Bubble Pouches

Self-seal bubble pouches provide a quick and efficient way to package smaller fragile items.   Each bubble pouch has a peal-and-seal adhesive strip for secure closure around your product.

SKUPouch Width (inches)Pouch Length (inches)Pouch TypeNo. Per Casehf:att:pa_pouch-width-incheshf:att:pa_pouch-length-inches
MB068.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch65068-5
MB0047.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch110047-5
MB00045.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch150045-5
MB1811.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch350811-5
MB2815.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch300815-5
MB31015.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch2501015-5
MB41215.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch2001215-5
MB51223.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch1501223-5
MB61517.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch1501517-5
MB71823.5Bubble Self-Seal Pouch1001823-5

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