Foam Sheets

Subotnick offers a variety of foam sheet options that are easily cut for use in applications requiring shock resistance and insulation.    Poly foam sheets provide superior impact and vibration protection, and EPS foam sheets are preferred for packaging that requires insulation from heat flow.

SKUFoam Thickness (inches)Sheet Width (inches)Sheet Length (inches)Material Density (lbs.)Sheet DescriptionNo. Per Pallet
PS2-48X962.048961EPS Foam Sheet18
PFP1.2-.5W0.50481081.2Poly Foam Sheet96
PFP1.2-.1W1.0481081.2Poly Foam Sheet48
PFP1.2-1.5W1.5481081.2Poly Foam Sheet32
PFP1.2-2W2.0481081.2Poly Foam Sheet24
PFP1.2-2.5W2.5481081.2Poly Foam Sheet19
PFP1.2-3W3.0481081.2Poly Foam Sheet16
PFP1.7-.5W0.50481081.7Poly Foam Sheet96
PFP1.7-.1W1.0481081.7Poly Foam Sheet48
PFP1.7-1.5W1.5481081.7Poly Foam Sheet32
PFP1.7-2W2.0481081.7Poly Foam Sheet24
PFP1.7-2.5W2.5481081.7Poly Foam Sheet19
PFP1.7-3W3.0481081.7Poly Foam Sheet16
PFP2.2-.5W0.50481082.2Poly Foam Sheet96
PFP2.2-.1W1.0481082.2Poly Foam Sheet48
PFP2.2-1.5W1.5481082.2Poly Foam Sheet32
PFP2.2-2W2.0481082.2Poly Foam Sheet24
PFP2.2-2.5W2.5481082.2Poly Foam Sheet19
PFP2.2-3W3.0481082.2Poly Foam Sheet16
PS1/2-48X960.5048961EPS Foam Sheet72
PS1-48X961.048961EPS Foam Sheet36

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