Metalized Bubble Cushion

Metalized bubble cushion provides a thermal and cushioning layer for protection of temperature-sensitive shipments.   Available in a variety of widths, metalized bubble is ideal for shipments of food products, nursery plants, and pharmaceuticals that must be kept cool.

SKUMaterial Thickness (inches)Roll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)Material DescriptionRolls Per Master Bundle
B3/16M48R0.1875048300Metalized Bubble Roll1
B3/16M48RP120.1875048300Metalized Bubble Roll - Perforated1
B3/16M48RS120.1875012300Metalized Bubble Roll4
B3/16M48RS12P120.1875012300Metalized Bubble Roll - Perforated4
B3/16M48RS160.1875016300Metalized Bubble Roll3
B3/16M48RS16P120.1875016300Metalized Bubble Roll - Perforated3
B3/16M48RS240.1875024300Metalized Bubble Roll2
B3/16M48RS24P120.1875024300Metalized Bubble Roll - Perforated2

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