Restroom Supplies

Subotnick will help you keep your restrooms user-friendly and professional with a wide assortment of products designed for multi-user restrooms.   From hand towels to air fresheners to hand soaps, Subotnick has all of your every-day-use products to keep your restrooms functioning for all employees and guests.

SKUDimensionsContainer SizeQty Per Case
JFR12-4CHERRY4 oz. Urinal Blocks12
JRTSK8" x 350' Standard Kraft Roll Towel12
JRTSW8" x 350' Standard White Roll Towel12
JIP1525Disposable Urinal Floor Mat6
JSOAP-83311Estesol Light-Duty Hand Cleaner - 2000 mL refill2000 mL6
JGJ9033-12Gojo 800 mL Bag-in-Box Soap Dispenser - Black12
JGJ9034-12Gojo 800 mL Bag-in-Box Soap Dispenser - White12
JG9755-04GoJo Antibacterial Hand Soap - 1 GallonGallon4
JGJ9752-12GoJo Antibacterial Hand Soap - 8 oz. with pump8 oz.12
JGJ9757-12GoJo Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - 800 ml refill800 mL12
JGJ9127-12GoJo Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap - 800 ml refill800 mL12
JGJ5162-03GoJo FMX-12 Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap - 1250 ml refill1250 mL3
JGJ5155-06Gojo FMX-12 Foam Soap Dispenser - Black 1250 mL6
JGJ5150-06Gojo FMX-12 Foam Soap Dispenser - Grey 1250 mL6
JGJ5161-03GoJo FMX-12 Luxury Foam Hand Soap - 1250 ml refill1250 mL3
JGJ9165-12GoJo Green Certified Liquid Hand Soap - 800 ml refill800 mL12
JGJ1807-04GoJo Pink Lotion Hand Soap - 1 GallonGallon4
JSC1Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers - 1000 per case1000
JSC5Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers - 5000 per case5000
JTPJSJumbo Roll 2-Ply Toilet Paper12
JSOAP-87045Kresto Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner - 2000 mL refill2000 mL6
JZEP1047717Metered Dispenser for TimeMist 30-Day Fragrances6
JTPPPremium 2-Ply Toilet Paper96
JCPTSWStandard 2-Ply Center Pull Towel6
JTPSStandard 2-Ply Toilet Paper96
JMTSKStandard Kraft Multifold Towels4000
JMTSWStandard White Multifold Towels4000
JSOAPD-89808Stoko 2000 mL Soap Dispenser - Black
JSOAPD-29187Stoko 2000 mL Soap Dispenser - White
JZEP2512TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Baby Powder12
JZEP2517TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Cherry12
JZEP5301TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Cinnamon Reef12
JZEP2508TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Citrus12
JZEP2502TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Clean & Fresh12
JZEP2522TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Country Garden12
JZEP2516TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Green Apple12
JZEP2960TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Mango12
JZEP2553TimeMist 30-Day Metered Fragrance Aersols - Spring Flowers12
JB221Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
JFR12-USPBUrinal Screen with 4 oz. Block72

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