Direct Thermal

Subotnick’s blank direct thermal labels can be custom-printed with custom messages, bar codes, and product/date identification using most direct thermal printers (NO RIBBON REQUIRED).   Subotnick also offers a full line of thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers for clear and distinct product identification of your products.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Core Size (Inches)Label DescriptionLabels Per RollRolls Per Casehf:att:pa_width-incheshf:att:pa_length-incheshf:att:pa_core-size-inches
L-D4X2W4.02.03.000White Direct Thermal Label300044-0a2a3-000
L-D4X2WP4.02.03.000White Perforated Direct Thermal Label300044-0a2a3-000
L-D4X3W4.03.03.000White Direct Thermal Label200044-0a3a3-000
L-D4X3WP4.03.03.000White Perforated Direct Thermal Label200044-0a3a3-000
L-D4X3W- Direct Thermal Label500164-0a3a1-000
L-D4X3WP- Perforated Direct Thermal Label500164-0a3a1-000
L-D4X6W4.06.03.000White Direct Thermal Label100044-0a6a3-000
L-D4X6WP4.06.03.000White Perforated Direct Thermal Label100044-0a6a3-000
L-D4X6W- Direct Thermal Transfer Label250164-0a6a1-000
L-D4X6WP- Perforated Direct Thermal Label250164-0a6a1-000

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