Laser Label Sheets

Subotnick offers an assortment of laser labels that allow you to print custom labels using most laser and ink jet printers.  Laser labels of all sizes are formatted on standard 8-1/2” x 11” sheets with pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy application to your products.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Label DescriptionLabels Per SheetLabels Per Case
L-LS2.6X1W2.62501.00White Laser Labels3030000
L-LS2.6X5.3W2.62505.25White Laser Labels66000
L-LS2.8X1W2.84381.00White Laser Labels3333000
L-LS2.8X1.5W2.84381.50White Laser Labels2121000
L-LS4.2X5.3W4.12505.3125White Laser Labels44000
L-LS4.2X3.6W4.18753.625White Laser Labels66000
L-LS4.3X2.8W4.2502.75White Laser Labels88000
L-LS4.3X3.5W4.2503.50White Laser Labels66000
L-LS4.3X5.5W4.2505.50White Laser Labels44000
L-LS4.3X11W4.25011.00White Laser Labels22000
L-LS4X1W4.001.00White Laser Labels2020000
L-LS4X1.5W4.001.50White Laser Labels1414000
L-LS4X2W4.002.00White Laser Labels1010000
L-LS4X3.3W4.003.3125White Laser Labels66000
L-LS8.5X11W8.2511.00White Laser Labels11000
L-LS8.5X5.5W8.255.50White Laser Labels22000

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