Masking Paper

Masking paper is a low-cost barrier to protect windows, doors, and other surfaces while painting.   Available in a variety of widths and roll lengths for smaller surfaces as well as large industrial painting projects.

SKURoll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)Basis Weight (lbs.)Paper DescriptionRolls Per Casehf:att:pa_color
K03BMP318025Brown Masking Paper Roll24brown
K03BMP-13100025Brown Masking Paper Roll12brown
K03GMP318029Green Masking Paper Roll24green
K03GMP-13100029Green Masking Paper12green
K06BMP618025Brown Masking Paper12brown
K06BMP-16100025Brown Masking Paper6brown
K06GMP618029Green Masking Paper12green
K06GMP-16100029Green Masking Paper6green
K12BMP1218025Brown Masking Paper12brown
K12BMP-112100025Brown Masking Paper3brown
K12GMP1218029Green Masking Paper12green
K12GMP-112100029Green Masking Paper3green
K18BMP1818025Brown Masking Paper12brown
K18BMP-118100025Brown Masking Paper2brown
K18GMP1818029Green Masking Paper12green
K18GMP-118100029Green Masking Paper2green

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