Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Subotnick’s family of anti-static products are designed for protection of electronic components that are sensitive to static damage during packaging, storage, or shipment.   Available in flat bag, seal-top, and flat tubing formats in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your requirements.

SKUWidth (inches)Roll Length (feet)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Casehf:att:pa_width-incheshf:att:pa_roll-length-feethf:att:pa_thickness-mil
24-2A24.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a242150a2
24-4A24.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a2410754
18-2A18.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a182150a2
18-4A18.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a1810754
16-4A16.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a1610754
15-4A15.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a1510754
12-2A12.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a122150a2
12-4A12.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a1210754
10-2A10.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a102150a2
10-4A10.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a1010754
09-2A9.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a92150a2
09-4A9.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a910754
08-2A8.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a82150a2
08-4A8.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a810754
06-4A6.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a610754
06-2A6.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a62150a2
05-2A5.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a52150a2
05-4A5.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a510754
04-2A4.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a42150a2
04-4A4.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a410754
03-2A3.021502Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a32150a2
03-4A3.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a310754
02-4A2.010754Poly Tubing - Pink Anti-Static1a210754

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