Flat Poly Bags 16+”

Flat low-density polyethylene bags are ideal for protection of a wide range of items from moisture, dust, and scratching.   Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, Subotnick’s flat poly bags are FDA-approved for use in food applications and are easily sealed using bag ties, bag-sealing tape, or impulse-sealing equipment.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Case
60133-3XP60.01333Flat Single Mattress Poly Bag40
4848-348.048.03Flat Poly Bag100
60108-3XP60.01083Flat Sofa Cover Poly Bag40
4048-1540.048.01.5Flat Poly Bag200
4448-244.048.02Flat Poly Bag100
4454-444.0544Flat Poly Bag50
4684-1146.0841Flat Loveseat Cover Poly Bag200
3864-1538.0641.5Flat Poly Bag200
3864-238.0642Flat Poly Bag100
3864-338.0643Flat Poly Bag100
3864-438.0644Flat Poly Bag50
3864-638.0646Flat Poly Bag50
3865-338.0653Flat Poly Bag50
3339-133.0391Flat Poly Bag250
3636-636.036.06Flat Poly Bag50
3648-1536.048.01.5Flat Poly Bag250
3648-436.048.04Flat Poly Bag100
3654-3F36.0543Flat Poly Bag100
3660-1536.0601.5Flat Poly Bag200
3660-236.0602Flat Poly Bag100
3660-436.0604Flat Poly Bag50
3854-1538.0541.5Flat Poly Bag200
3030-1530.0301.5Flat Poly Bag250
3030-230.0302Flat Poly Bag250
3030-430.0304Flat Poly Bag100
3036-1530.036.01.5Flat Poly Bag250
3036-230.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
3036-330.036.03Flat Poly Bag200
3036-430.036.04Flat Poly Bag100
3040-230.0402Flat Poly Bag250
3040-630.0406Flat Poly Bag100
3048-1530.048.01.5Flat Poly Bag250
3054-430.0544Flat Poly Bag100
3232-1532.0321.5Flat Poly Bag250
3232-232.0322Flat Poly Bag250
3250-1532.0501.5Flat Poly Bag250
2830-228.0302Flat Poly Bag250
2832-1528.0321.5Flat Poly Bag250
2832-228.0322Flat Poly Bag250
2832-428.0324Flat Poly Bag100
2842-228.0422Flat Poly Bag250
2846-228.0462Flat Poly Bag250
2850-1528.0501.5Flat Poly Bag250
2850-228.0502Flat Poly Bag250
2850-428.0504Flat Poly Bag100
2630-1526.0301.5Flat Poly Bag500
2630-226.0302Flat Poly Bag250
2630-426.0304Flat Poly Bag100
2430-424.0304Flat Poly Bag200
2436-224.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
2436-324.036.03Flat Poly Bag250
2436-424.036.04Flat Poly Bag200
2436-624.036.06Flat Poly Bag100
2438-1524.0381.5Flat Poly Bag500
2438-224.0382Flat Poly Bag250
2442-1524.0421.5Flat Poly Bag500
2442-224.0422Flat Poly Bag250
2442-424.0424Flat Poly Bag200
2448-1524.048.01.5Flat Poly Bag250
2448-224.048.02Flat Poly Bag250
2448-424.048.04Flat Poly Bag100
2424-1524.024.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
2424-224.024.02Flat Poly Bag500
2424-324.024.03Flat Poly Bag250
2424-424.024.04Flat Poly Bag250
2426-1524.0261.5Flat Poly Bag500
2430-1524.0301.5Flat Poly Bag500
2430-224.0302Flat Poly Bag500
2430-324.0303Flat Poly Bag250
2036-420.036.04Flat Poly Bag250
2040-1520.0401.5Flat Poly Bag500
2040-420.0404Flat Poly Bag250
2124-121.024.01Flat Poly Bag1000
2224-1522.024.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
2224-222.024.02Flat Poly Bag250
2224-422.024.04Flat Poly Bag200
2230-422.0304Flat Poly Bag200
2236-1522.036.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
2236-222.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
2020-1520.0201.5Flat Poly Bag1000
2020-220.0202Flat Poly Bag500
2020-420.0204Flat Poly Bag250
2024-1520.024.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
2024-220.024.02Flat Poly Bag500
2024-420.024.04Flat Poly Bag250
2030-1520.0301.5Flat Poly Bag500
2030-220.0302Flat Poly Bag500
2030-320.0303Flat Poly Bag250
2030-420.0304Flat Poly Bag250
2030-620.0306Flat Poly Bag200
2036-1520.036.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
2036-220.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
1836-1518.036.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
1836-218.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
1836-418.036.04Flat Poly Bag250
1820-1518.0201.5Flat Poly Bag1000
1820-218.0202Flat Poly Bag500
1820-418.0204Flat Poly Bag250
1824-1518.024.01.5Flat Poly Bag1000
1824-218.024.02Flat Poly Bag500
1824-318.024.03Flat Poly Bag500
1824-418.024.04Flat Poly Bag250
1824-618.024.06Flat Poly Bag250
1830-1518.0301.5Flat Poly Bag500
1830-218.0302Flat Poly Bag500
1830-418.0304Flat Poly Bag250
1630-1516.0301.5Flat Poly Bag500
1630-216.0302Flat Poly Bag500
1630-416.0304Flat Poly Bag250
1636-1516.036.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
1636-216.036.02Flat Poly Bag250
1636-416.036.04Flat Poly Bag250
1721-117.0211Flat Poly Bag1000
1721-1517.0211.5Flat Poly Bag1000
1616-416.016.04Flat Poly Bag500
1618-1516.018.01.5Flat Poly Bag500
1618-216.018.02Flat Poly Bag500
1618-316.018.03Flat Poly Bag500
1618-416.018.04Flat Poly Bag500
1620-1516.0201.5Flat Poly Bag1000
1620-216.0202Flat Poly Bag500
1620-316.0203Flat Poly Bag500
1624-116.024.01Flat Poly Bag1000
1624-1516.024.01.5Flat Poly Bag1000
1624-216.024.02Flat Poly Bag500
1624-316.024.03Flat Poly Bag500
1624-416.024.04Flat Poly Bag250
13052-1130521Flat Poly Bag50

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