Flat Poly Bags 2″-4″

Flat low-density polyethylene bags are ideal for protection of a wide range of items from moisture, dust, and scratching.   Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, Subotnick’s flat poly bags are FDA-approved for use in food applications and are easily sealed using bag ties, bag-sealing tape, or impulse-sealing equipment.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Case
0424-44.024.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0410-24.010.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0410-44.010.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0412- Poly Bag2000
0412-24.012.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0412-34.012.03Flat Poly Bag2000
0412-44.012.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0415-154.0151.5Flat Poly Bag2000
0415-24.0152Flat Poly Bag2000
0415-44.0154Flat Poly Bag1000
0416-24.016.02Flat Poly Bag1000
0418- Poly Bag2000
0418-24.018.02Flat Poly Bag1000
0418-34.018.03Flat Poly Bag1000
0418-44.018.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0424- Poly Bag2000
0424-24.024.02Flat Poly Bag1000
0406-64.066Flat Poly Bag1000
0408- Poly Bag5000
0408- Poly Bag3000
0408-24.08.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0408-34.08.03Flat Poly Bag2000
0408-44.08.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0410- Poly Bag2000
0405-154.051.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0405-24.052Flat Poly Bag5000
0405-34.053Flat Poly Bag2000
0405-44.054Flat Poly Bag2000
0405-64.056Flat Poly Bag1000
0406-134.061.25Flat Poly Bag5000
0406-154.061.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0406-24.062Flat Poly Bag5000
0406-34.063Flat Poly Bag2000
0406-44.064Flat Poly Bag2000
0404-154.041.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0404-24.042Flat Poly Bag2000
0404-44.044Flat Poly Bag2000
0404-64.046Flat Poly Bag1000
0312- Poly Bag2000
0312-23.012.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0312-33.012.03Flat Poly Bag2000
0312-43.012.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0315-153.0151.5Flat Poly Bag2000
0318- Poly Bag2000
0318-23.018.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0324-33.024.03Flat Poly Bag2000
0305-63.056Flat Poly Bag2000
0306-153.061.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0306-23.062Flat Poly Bag5000
0306-33.063Flat Poly Bag3000
0306-43.064Flat Poly Bag2000
0306-63.066Flat Poly Bag1000
0308- Poly Bag5000
0308-23.08.02Flat Poly Bag5000
0308-33.08.03Flat Poly Bag2000
0308-43.08.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0310- Poly Bag3000
0310-23.010.02Flat Poly Bag2000
0310-43.010.04Flat Poly Bag1000
0304-43.044Flat Poly Bag5000
0304-63.046Flat Poly Bag2000
0305-153.051.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0305-23.052Flat Poly Bag5000
0305-33.053Flat Poly Bag3000
0305-43.054Flat Poly Bag2000
0303-133.031.25Flat Poly Bag10000
0303-153.031.5Flat Poly Bag10000
0303-23.032Flat Poly Bag5000
0303-43.034Flat Poly Bag5000
0304-133.041.25Flat Poly Bag10000
0304-153.041.5Flat Poly Bag5000
0304-23.042Flat Poly Bag5000
0304-33.043Flat Poly Bag5000
0205-42.054Flat Poly Bag5000
0206-22.062Flat Poly Bag5000
0206-32.063Flat Poly Bag5000
0206-42.064Flat Poly Bag5000
0207-42.074Flat Poly Bag2000
0208- Poly Bag5000
0208-22.08.02Flat Poly Bag5000
0208-32.08.03Flat Poly Bag3000
0208-42.08.04Flat Poly Bag2000
0209-42.09.04Flat Poly Bag2000
0210- Poly Bag5000
0210-22.010.02Flat Poly Bag5000
0212- Poly Bag5000
0212-22.012.02Flat Poly Bag5000
0212-42.012.04Flat Poly Bag2000
0203-132.031.25Flat Poly Bag10000
0203-152.031.5Flat Poly Bag10000
0203-22.032Flat Poly Bag10000
0203-32.033Flat Poly Bag10000
0203-42.034Flat Poly Bag5000
0203-62.036Flat Poly Bag5000
0204-132.041.25Flat Poly Bag10000
0204-152.041.5Flat Poly Bag10000
0204-22.042Flat Poly Bag10000
0204-32.043Flat Poly Bag5000
0204-42.044Flat Poly Bag5000
0205-152.051.5Flat Poly Bag10000
0205-22.052Flat Poly Bag10000
0202-152.021.5Flat Poly Bag10000
0202-22.022Flat Poly Bag10000

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