Furniture / Equipment Covers

Durable polyethylene bags offer protection from moisture and dirt for furniture and equipment while in shipment or storage.   Subotnick’s cover bags have an expandable gusset for easy fit and are available in a variety of sizes designed for chairs, sofas, wheel chairs, and large equipment.

SKUWidth (inches)Depth (inches)Height (inches)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Case
60133-3XP60.03Flat Single Mattress Poly Bag40
60108-3XP60.03Flat Sofa Cover Poly Bag40
481441-1548.014411.5Gusseted Equipment Cover Poly Bag120
463665-1546.036651.5Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag55
463665-246.036652Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100
302035-1530.020351.5Gusseted Equipment Cover Poly Bag200
281799-128.017991Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag165
282256-1R28.022561Gusseted Equipment Cover Poly Bag50
281788-128.017881Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag185
281782-128.017821Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag200
281776-128.017761Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag210
281770-128.017701Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag230
281764-128.017641Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag250
2817164-128.0171641Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag100
2817146-128.0171461Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag105
2817142-128.0171421Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag115
2817118-128.0171181Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag140
2817110-128.0171101Gusseted Furniture Cover Poly Bag150
221226-122.012261Gusseted Furniture/Equipment Cover Poly Bag250

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