Mattress Covers

Polyethylene mattress bags are sized specifically for standard mattress sizes (including pillow top options) to protect from moisture and dirt during shipment or storage.   Subotnick’s mattress bags have expandable gusset for easy fit and offer excellent puncture and tear resistance.

SKUWidth (inches)Depth (inches)Height (inches)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Case
781596-2.5XP78.015962.5Gusseted King Mattress Poly Bag50
761490-476.014904Gusseted King Mattress Poly Bag25
761090-1576.010901.5Gusseted King Mattress Poly Bag100
701296-1170.012961.1Gusseted King Mattress Poly Bag100
621596-2.5XP62.015962.5Gusseted Queen Mattress Poly Bag50
60992-1160.09921.1Gusseted Queen Mattress Poly Bag125
54784-1154.07841.1Gusseted Double Mattress Poly Bag150
541489-2.5XP54.014892.5Gusseted Full Mattress Poly Bag50
541290-454.012904Gusseted Double Mattress Poly Bag25
540890-1554.08901.5Gusseted Double Mattress Poly Bag100
601290-460.012904Gusseted Queen Mattress Poly Bag25
600890-1560.08901.5Gusseted Queen Mattress Poly Bag100
4684-1146.01Flat Loveseat Cover Poly Bag200
401090-240.010902Gusseted Twin Mattress Poly Bag100
391294-2.5XP39.012942.5Gusseted Twin Mattress Poly Bag50
391090-439.010904Gusseted Twin Mattress Poly Bag25
390990-1539.09901.5Gusseted Twin Mattress Poly Bag100
390890-1539.08901.5Gusseted Twin Mattress Poly Bag100

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