Pallet Covers/Bin Liners

Polyethylene bags and sheets are sized specifically to protect your palletized products from moisture and dirt.   Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, low-density polyethylene bags have an expandable gusset for dual use as liner bags to protect and retain items in bulk containers.

SKUWidth (inches)Depth (inches)Height (inches)Thickness (Mil)Bag DescriptionQty Per Casehf:att:pa_width-incheshf:att:pa_depth-incheshf:att:pa_height-incheshf:att:pa_thickness-mil
6060-1360.01.25Flat Pallet Top Sheet250a60a1-25
7575-1375.01.25Flat Pallet Top Sheet200a75a1-25
686587-368.065873Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a686587a3
686582-268.065822Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a686582a2
514973-3B51.049733Gusseted Black Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514973a3
5248108-1552.0481081.5Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag505248108a1-5
514997-351.049973Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514997a3
514997-251.049972Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514997a2
514985-3B51.049853Gusseted Black Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514985a3
514985-351.049853Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514985a3
514985-251.049852Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514985a2
514985-1551.049851.5Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag100a514985a1-5
514973-351.049733Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514973a3
514973-251.049732Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag50a514973a2
514973-1551.049731.5Gusseted Pallet Cover Poly Bag100a514973a1-5
463665-1546.036651.5Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag55a463665a1-5
484672-248.046722Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100a484672a2
4840100-148.0401001Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100a4840100a1
423272-242.032722Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100a423272a2
402472-240.024722Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100a402472a2
463665-246.036652Gusseted Bin Liner Poly Bag100a463665a2

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