Poly Sheeting

Polyethylene sheeting offers protection to your equipment and inventory from moisture, dirt, and outdoor elements.   Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, poly sheeting can also be used for surface protection during construction projects.

SKUWidth (feet)Length (feet)Thickness (Mil)Poly Sheeting TypeRolls Per Pallet
40100-4401004Clear Poly Sheeting20
40100-4B401004Black Poly Sheeting20
40100-6401006Clear Poly Sheeting8
40100-6B401006Black Poly Sheeting8
28100-6281006Clear Poly Sheeting16
28100-6B281006Black Poly Sheeting16
24100-4241004Clear Poly Sheeting25
24100-4B241004Black Poly Sheeting25
24100-6241006Clear Poly Sheeting16
24100-6B241006Black Poly Sheeting16
20200-2202002Clear Poly Sheeting25
20100-4201004Clear Poly Sheeting25
20100-4-B201004Black Poly Sheeting25
20100-6201006Clear Poly Sheeting16
20100-6B201006Black Poly Sheeting16
16100-4161004Clear Poly Sheeting25
16100-4B161004Black Poly Sheeting25
16100-6161006Clear Poly Sheeting16
16100-6B161006Black Poly Sheeting16
12400-1124001Clear Poly Sheeting49
12200-15122001.5Clear Poly Sheeting72
12200-2122002Clear Poly Sheeting49
12100-4121004Clear Poly Sheeting49
12100-4B121004Black Poly Sheeting49
12100-6121006Clear Poly Sheeting36
12100-6B121006Black Poly Sheeting36
10100-4101004Clear Poly Sheeting56
10100-4B101004Black Poly Sheeting56
10100-6101006Clear Poly Sheeting48
10100-6B101006Black Poly Sheeting48
09400-194001Clear Poly Sheeting56
09100-491004Clear Poly Sheeting56
08100-4B81004Black Poly Sheeting56
08100-681006Clear Poly Sheeting56
08100-6B81006Black Poly Sheeting56
08100-481004Clear Poly Sheeting56
08.4200-158.332001.5Clear Poly Sheeting56
08.4200-28.332002Clear Poly Sheeting56
06100-6B61006Black Poly Sheeting72
06100-461004Clear Poly Sheeting72
06100-4B61004Black Poly Sheeting72
06100-661006Clear Poly Sheeting72
04100-441004Clear Poly Sheeting144
04.2200-24.172002Clear Poly Sheeting
03100-431004Clear Poly Sheeting144
03100-4B31004Black Poly Sheeting144

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