Subotnick’s impulse sealers and bag tapers provide quick and efficient ways to seal poly bags and tubing.   Impulse sealers are available in a range of sizes in both table-top and foot-operated models, and bag tapers are intended for use with 3/8” and 5/8” bag-sealing tape for secure closure of flat poly bags.

SKUWidth (inches)Tool TypeQty Per Casehf:att:pa_width-inches
SEALER-18F18.0Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a18
SEALER-24F24.0Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a24
SEALER-12F-R12.0Service Kit for Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a12
SEALER-18F-R18.0Service Kit for Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a18
SEALER-24F-R24.0Service Kit for Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a24
SEALER-18A18.0Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer1a18
SEALER-24A24.0Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer1a24
SEALER-18A-R18.0Service Kit for Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer1a18
SEALER-24A-R24.0Service Kit for Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer1a24
TBT-7605K-380.375Bag Taper with Trimmer10a0-375
TBT-7605-380.375Bag Taper10a0-375
TBT-7606STK-380.375Stainless Steel Bag Taper with Trimmer10a0-375
TBT-7606ST-380.375Stainless Steel Bag Taper10a0-375
TBT-7808K-580.625Bag Taper with Trimmer10a0-625
SEALER-44.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer12a4
SEALER-88.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer6a8
SEALER-1212.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer6a12
SEALER-1616.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer4a16
SEALER-2020.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer4a20
SEALER-4-R4.0Service Kit for Table-Top Impulse Sealer1a4
SEALER-8-R8.0Service Kit for Table-Top Impulse Sealer1a8
SEALER-12-R12.0Service Kit for Table-Top Impulse Sealer1a12
SEALER-16-R16.0Service Kit for Table-Top Impulse Sealer1a16
SEALER-20-R20.0Service Kit for Table-Top Impulse Sealer1a20
SEALER-4C4.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter12a4
SEALER-8C8.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter6a8
SEALER-12C12.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter6a12
SEALER-16C16.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter4a16
SEALER-20C20.0Table-Top Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter4a20
SEALER-8C-R8.0Service Kit for Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter1a8
SEALER-12C-R12.0Service Kit for Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter1a12
SEALER-16C-R16.0Service Kit for Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter1a16
SEALER-20C-R20.0Service Kit for Impulse Sealer with Bag Cutter1a20
SEALER-12F12.0Foot-Operated Impulse Sealer1a12

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