Subotnick’s wire buckles are specifically designed for use with each of Subotnick’s polypropylene and composite strap options.   Buckles allow for tensioning and securing the flexible strap by hand for a simple and portable way to strap down units without use of additional tools.

SKUWidth (inches)Seal TypeStrap (for use with)Buckle DescriptionQty Per Casehf:att:pa_width-incheshf:att:pa_strap-for-use-with
SP50S-P0.500BucklePolypropylenePoly Buckle for Polypropylene Strap10000-500polypropylene
SP50S-W0.500BucklePolypropyleneWire Buckle for Polypropylene Strap10000-500polypropylene
SP63S-W0.625BucklePolypropyleneWire Buckle for Polypropylene Strap1000a0-625polypropylene
SC-BG1635-630.625BuckleCompositeHeavy-Duty Galvanized Buckle for Composite Cord Strap1000a0-625composite
SC-BG1943-750.750BuckleCompositeHeavy-Duty Galvanized Buckle for Composite Cord Strap10000-750composite
SC-BG2560-11.000BuckleCompositeHeavy-Duty Galvanized Buckle for Composite Cord Strap5001-000composite
SC-BG3270-1251.250BuckleCompositeHeavy-Duty Galvanized Buckle for Composite Cord Strap2501-250composite

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