Composite Cord Strap

Composite strap is a strong, lightweight, and flexible way to strap down your heavier products, including outdoor applications.  Subotnick’s composite strap holds tight and absorbs impact, limiting product damage from load shifting during transit.   Composite strap is be tightened and secured using strap-specific buckles, making it a portable and simple way to secure loads on job sites or remote locations.

SKUWidth (inches)Roll Length (feet)System Strength (lbs.)Strap DescriptionRolls Per CaseCases Per Pallet
SC-RBC50-630.62523001500Composite Cord Strap245
SC-RBC55-630.62519691935Composite Cord Strap245
SC-RBC60-750.75019691830Composite Cord Strap245
SC-RBC65-750.75016402200Composite Cord Strap245
SC-RBC89-11.00013004600Composite Cord Strap245
SC-RBC105-1251.2508205280Composite Cord Strap245

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