Polypropylene Strap

Polypropylene strap is lightweight, strong, and flexible, making it the perfect choice for light and medium-duty bundling and strapping applications, including carton closure.   Subotnick’s polypropylene strap options vary in width, thickness, and break strength to match the requirements of the items that you are strapping or bundling.  Polypropylene strap can be secured using buckles, seals, and manual tools, and Subotnick also offers a full line of battery-operated tools and table-top strapping machines to quickly and efficiently bundle your products.

SKUWidth (inches)Roll Length (feet)Thickness (inches)Break Strength (lbs.)Core Size (Inches)Strap DescriptionRolls Per CaseCases Per Pallet
SP50-MW0.5003000300Black Polypropylene Strap
SP63B31-1660.62554000.03190016 x 6Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP63B25-1630.62526000.02570016 x 3Black Polypropylene Strap224
SP63B31-1630.62522000.03190016 x 3Black Polypropylene Strap224
SP50B31-880.50072000.0316008 x 8Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP50B31-1660.50072000.03160016 x 6Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP50B31-1630.50036000.03160016 x 3Black Polypropylene Strap224
SP50W22-980.50099000.0223509 x 8White Polypropylene Strap124
SP50W22-880.50099000.0223508 x 8White Polypropylene Strap124
SP50B28-1660.50072000.02850016 x 6Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP50B15-880.50090000.0153008 x 8Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP50B15-1660.50090000.01530016 x 6Black Polypropylene Strap124
SP38W22-980.375129000.0223009 x 8White Polypropylene Strap124
SP38W22-880.375129000.0223008 x 8White Polypropylene Strap124

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