Subotnick offers a variety of seals specifically designed for use with steel strap, polyester strap, and polypropylene strap.   Seals are made from high-quality steel and are intended for use with the corresponding sealing tools for each strap type.

SKUWidth (inches)Seal TypeStrap (for use with)Seal DescriptionQty Per Case
SS50SR-C0.500ClosedSteelClosed Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS50SR-O0.500OpenSteelOpen Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS63SR-C0.625ClosedSteelClosed Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS63SR-O0.625OpenSteelOpen Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS75SR-C0.750ClosedSteelClosed Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS75SR-O0.750OpenSteelOpen Seal for Steel Strap2500
SS125SH-C1.250ClosedSteelHeavy-Duty Closed Seal for Steel Strap1000
SS125SR-O1.250ClosedSteelOpen Seal for Steel Strap1000
SP50S-C0.500ClosedPolypropyleneClosed Seal for Polypropylene Strap1000
SP50S-O0.500OpenPolypropyleneOpen Seal for Polypropylene Strap1000
SP63S-O0.625OpenPolypropyleneOpen Seal for Polypropylene Strap1000
SY50S-OS0.500OpenPolyesterOpen Serrated Seal for Polyester Strap1000
SY63S-OS0.625OpenPolyesterOpen Serrated Seal for Polyester Strap1000

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