Edge Protectors

Subotnick’s edge protectors add stability, stacking strength, and damage protection to your outbound shipments.    Along with edge protectors, Subotnick also offers foam corners to enhance the impact and drop resistance of your packaging.   CUSTOM EDGE PROTECTORS AVAILABLE WITH LEAD TIME FOR PRODUCTION.

SKUWidth (inches)Length (inches)Thickness (inches)Item DescriptionQty Per Unit or Pallethf:att:pa_width-incheshf:att:pa_length-incheshf:att:pa_thickness-inches
V2X2X3X162.0 x Protector1080a2-x-2a3a0-160
V2X2X36X122.0 x Edge Protector2808a2-x-2a36a0-120
V2X2X36X162.0 x Edge Protector2106a2-x-2a36a0-160
V2X2X48X122.0 x Edge Protector2808a2-x-2a48a0-120
V2X2X48X162.0 x Edge Protector2106a2-x-2a48a0-160
V2X2X60X122.0 x 2.0600.120V-board Edge Protector2808a2-x-2a60a0-120
V2X2X60X162.0 x 2.0600.160V-board Edge Protector2106a2-x-2a60a0-160
V2X2X72X122.0 x Edge Protector2808a2-x-2a72a0-120
V2X2X72X162.0 x Edge Protector2106a2-x-2a72a0-160
FEP-36102.625 x Edge Protector100a2-625-x-2a36a1-000
FCP-453.5 x 3.51.751.000Foam Corner Protector288a3-5-x-3-51-75a1-000
FCP-664.0 x Corner Protector112a4-x-4a4a2-000
FCP-353.0 x Corner Protector168a3-x-3a3a2-000

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