Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an economical material to protect items from scratches or for use as cushioning void-fill inside your outbound shipments.   Available in a variety of widths and paper weights, Subotnick’s kraft paper is easily recycled and can be used for anything from gift wrap to internal cushioning to floor protection.


SKURoll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)Basis Weight (lbs.)Paper DescriptionNo. Per Pallet
K365036102550Kraft Paper Roll25
K36603682560Kraft Paper Roll25
K36753665075Kraft Paper Roll25
K483048162530Kraft Paper Roll25
K484048127540Kraft Paper Roll25
K485048102550Kraft Paper Roll25
K48604882560Kraft Paper Roll25
K48754865075Kraft Paper Roll25
K603060162530Kraft Paper Roll25
K604060127540Kraft Paper Roll25
K605060102550Kraft Paper Roll25
K60606082560Kraft Paper Roll25
K60756065075Kraft Paper Roll25
K72757265075Kraft Paper Roll25
K123012162530Kraft Paper Roll75
K124012127540Kraft Paper Roll75
K153015162530Kraft Paper Roll50
K154015127540Kraft Paper Roll50
K183018162530Kraft Paper Roll50
K184018127540Kraft Paper Roll50
K185018102550Kraft Paper Roll50
K18601882560Kraft Paper Roll50
K243024162530Kraft Paper Roll50
K244024127540Kraft Paper Roll50
K245024102550Kraft Paper Roll50
K24602482560Kraft Paper Roll50
K24752465075Kraft Paper Roll50
K303030162530Kraft Paper Roll25
K304030127540Kraft Paper Roll25
K305030102550Kraft Paper Roll25
K30603082560Kraft Paper Roll25
K30753065075Kraft Paper Roll25
K363036162530Kraft Paper Roll25
K364036127540Kraft Paper Roll25

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