Shipping Tubes

Subotnick kraft shipping tubes are available in a variety of sizes and lengths for shipment of rolled posters, documents, and lightweight items of all sizes.   CUSTOM TUBES ARE AVAILABLE WITH LEAD TIME FOR PRODUCTION.

SKULength (inches)Diameter (inches)Wall Thickness (inches)Item DescriptionQty Per Casehf:att:pa_length-incheshf:att:pa_diameter-inches
TE1512121.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a12a1-5
TE1518181.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a18a1-5
TE1524241.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a24a1-5
TE1530301.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a30a1-5
TE1536361.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a36a1-5
TE1548481.50.060Kraft Paper Tube100a48a1-5
TE2012122.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a12a2
TE2018182.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a18a2
TE2024242.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a24a2
TE2030302.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a30a2
TE2036362.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a36a2
TE2048482.00.060Kraft Paper Tube100a48a2
TE2512122.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a12a2-1-2
TE2518182.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a18a2-1-2
TE2524242.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a24a2-1-2
TE2530302.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a30a2-1-2
TE2536362.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a36a2-1-2
TE2548482.50.060Kraft Paper Tube50a48a2-1-2
TE3012123.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a12a3
TE3018183.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a18a3
TE3024243.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a24a3
TE3030303.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a30a3
TE3036363.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a36a3
TE3048483.00.060Kraft Paper Tube50a48a3
TE4012124.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a12a4
TE4018184.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a18a4
TE4024244.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a24a4
TE4030304.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a30a4
TE4036364.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a36a4
TE4048484.00.060Kraft Paper Tube25a48a4
TEPP1512, 18, 24, 30, 36, 481.5White Plastic End Caps200a12 a18 a24 a30 a36 a48a1-5
TEPP212, 18, 24, 30, 36, 482.0White Plastic End Caps200a12 a18 a24 a30 a36 a48a2
TEPP2512, 18, 24, 30, 36, 482.5White Plastic End Caps100a12 a18 a24 a30 a36 a48a2-1-2
TEPP312, 18, 24, 30, 36, 483.0White Plastic End Caps100a12 a18 a24 a30 a36 a48a3
TEPP412, 18, 24, 30, 36, 484.0White Plastic End Caps50a12 a18 a24 a30 a36 a48a4

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