Singleface Corrugated

Rolled singleface corrugated is a value-priced cushion wrap to protect items from light impact and scratching. Available in a variety of widths, Subotnick’s singleface is recyclable and easily manipulated and cut when wrapping your products.

SKURoll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)FlutePaper DescriptionRolls Per Pallethf:att:pa_roll-width-incheshf:att:pa_flute
SF03B3250BSingleface Corrugated Roll1143b
SF04B4250BSingleface Corrugated Roll1144b
SF06B6250BSingleface Corrugated Roll846b
SF12B12250BSingleface Corrugated Roll4212b
SF18B18250BSingleface Corrugated Roll3018b
SF24A24250ASingleface Corrugated Roll1624a
SF24B24250BSingleface Corrugated Roll2424b
SF36A36250ASingleface Corrugated Roll836a
SF36B36250BSingleface Corrugated Roll1236b
SF48A48250ASingleface Corrugated Roll848a
SF48B48250BSingleface Corrugated Roll1248b
SF60B60250BSingleface Corrugated Roll660b
SF72B72250BSingleface Corrugated Roll672b

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