Stretch Wrap

Subotnick offers an assortment of hand stretch wrap products, each designed with specific performance attributes.   Depending on your individual requirements, Subotnick will match the correct standard, hybrid, or high-performance wrap to economically secure your units.

SKURoll Width (inches)Roll Length (feet)Film TypeThickness (gauge)Wrap DescriptionRolls Per CaseQty Per Pallet
SW17.3/28-FOR17.25, 181500Cast28Performance Hybrid Stretch Wrap448
SW18/13-XB181500Blown51High-Performance Stretch Wrap448
SW18/80-ADW181500Cast80Stretch Wrap448
SW16/16.5-ADW161500Cast65Performance Stretch Wrap448
SW18/80-HWX181500Blown80Stretch Wrap448
SW15/80-HWX-BLK151500Blown80Black Stretch Wrap448
SW18/90-ADW181500Cast90Stretch Wrap448
SW18/90-HWX181500Blown90Stretch Wrap448

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