Duct and Gaffer’s Tape

Subotnick’s family of cloth duct and gaffer’s tapes are each designed to perform for a specific function and/or work environment.   Whether you require a general purpose duct tape for a variety of sealing or repairing tasks or a duct or gaffer’s tape formulated for a specific industry purpose, Subotnick has a cloth tape to match your specific requirements.

SKUWidth (inches)Roll Length (Yards)Thickness (Mils)Tensile Strength (lbs.)Tape DescriptionRolls Per Case
TPC460-22.00606.017Standard Duct Tape24
TPC460-33.00606.017Standard Duct Tape16
TPC589-22.00607.018Utility Duct Tape24
TPC589-33.00607.018Utility Duct Tape16
TPC590-2-SL2.00607.020Utility Duct Tape24
TPC590-2-B2.00607.020Utility Duct Tape24
TPC595-22.00608.018General Duct Tape24
TPC600-22.00609.022Contractor Duct Tape24
TPC610-2S2.006010.027Performance Duct Tape24
TPC618-2B2.006010.027Performance Duct Tape24
TPC618-2S2.006010.027Performance Duct Tape24
TPC621-2B2.006011.027Heavy-Duty Duct Tape24
TPC621-2S2.006011.027Heavy-Duty Duct Tape24
TPC622-2R2.006012.545Premium Duct Tape24
TPC721-2B2.006011.532Extreme Hold Duct Tape24
TPC721-2S2.006011.532Extreme Hold Duct Tape24
TP665-2B2.006011.050Professional Gaffer's Tape24
TP665-2W2.006011.050Professional Gaffer's Tape24

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