Paper Tape

Paper tape has paper backing, providing strength and a distinct appearance when packaging, binding, and reinforcing boxes and other paper products.   From pressure-sensitive flatback paper tape to reinforced water-activated paper tape, Subotnick has a variety of paper tape options to meet your specific requirements.

SKUWidth (inches)Roll Length (Yards)Thickness (Mils)Tensile Strength (lbs.)Tape DescriptionRolls Per Case
TGUM3X450-K3.001505.641Non-Reinforced Paper Tape10
TGUM3X450-W3.001505.641Non-Reinforced Paper Tape10
TFP96-.750.75606.136General Flatback Paper Tape48
TFP96-11.00606.136General Flatback Paper Tape36
TFP96-22.00606.136General Flatback Paper Tape24
TFP96-33.00606.136General Flatback Paper Tape16
TFP97-11.00606.035General Flatback Paper Tape36
TFP97-22.00606.035General Flatback Paper Tape24
TFP97-33.00606.035General Flatback Paper Tape16
TFP97-44.00606.035General Flatback Paper Tape16
TFP202-33.00607.555General Flatback Paper Tape16
TFP227-1W1.00605.830Printable Colored Flatback Paper Tape36
TFP227-2W2.00605.830Printable Colored Flatback Paper Tape24
TR3X450-K3.001506.050Reinforced Paper Tape10
TR3X450-W3.001506.050Reinforced Paper Tape10

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