Subotnick offers a variety of staples and stitching wire for carton closure and tacking.   Along with staples, Subotnick offers a full line of manual and pneumatic staplers to increase the efficiency of your operations.

SKULeg Length (inches)Crown Width (inches)Staple TypeStaple DescriptionQty Per BoxQty Per Case
MI-ST-A340.7501.375StickA34 Carton-Closing Staples200020000
MI-ST-A580.6251.375StickA58 Carton-Closing Staples250025000
MI-ST-A780.8751.375StickA78 Carton-Closing Staples200020000
MI-ST-C340.7501.250StickC34 Carton-Closing Staples200020000
MI-ST-C580.6251.250StickC58 Carton-Closing Staples250025000

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